My journey to finding support: FLAT & Fabulous!

When you go through a major life event, like breast cancer, you know how important support is. Breast cancer is a body altering disease. You might choose reconstruction or not, but the truth of the matter is, it is beneficial to hear the words of other women who have gone though similar experiences. It isContinue reading “My journey to finding support: FLAT & Fabulous!”

Mish Mash.

I bought an album by Sophie Hunger. She is worth a listen. Check her out.   I really like Kellie Davis of Mother Fitness Revolution. I was introduced to her web site by Bret Contreras site (who calls himself The Glute Guy-which I think quite charming, albeit goofy) 😉 The two coauthored the upcoming book, Strong Curves,Continue reading “Mish Mash.”

A podcast, breast pockets, todays ramble.

This week Ricë and I recorded a podcast on ” Going Flat and the Breast Pocket Project” and if you have an hour, please listen to it.   Studio Melly is up and running, hand dyeing embroidery floss. I ran out of cards to wrap thread on, and so, began making my own. I amContinue reading “A podcast, breast pockets, todays ramble.”

Her name here:

  I fell in love and I wasn’t even thinking about it. That is the way with love, don’t you think? It’s a backdoor experience. I really must thank Libby for sending me all of those pockets. I love the small pre-constructed squares. Libby has some master rippers over there. These pockets have snips of thread leftContinue reading “Her name here:”

Round Up! I participate in a pool program, offered by my hospital to help survivors recover. I love this program, I go once a week, I connect with other survivors in a predominantly physical but also, at times, emotional level (which works best for me, I can’t go deeply into the emotional side or breast cancerContinue reading “Round Up!”

Steeped in Breast Pockets

As you know, I am asking for help to make 1000 breast  pockets in memory of or to honor your friends and loved ones who have decided against reconstructing their bodies after breast cancer. I posted this ‘Call For’ on Facebook, because it seems we all hang out there! Libby, from Mija Fiber Art quickly emailed meContinue reading “Steeped in Breast Pockets”