Her name here:


I fell in love and I wasn’t even thinking about it. That is the way with love, don’t you think? It’s a backdoor experience.

I really must thank Libby for sending me all of those pockets. I love the small pre-constructed squares. Libby has some master rippers over there. These pockets have snips of thread left in the needle holes. Pockets as canvas. For painting, stenciling, stamping, embroidering? I am on a creative tangent and I am using pockets to explore artistic themes. Pockets are a quick and dirty size.

Quick and Dirty Breast Pockets <———————Um? I like those 5 words together.

The above pocket was stenciled and embroidered. This pocket needs a name, anyone know a uniboober who needs representation? Leave a comment, first names only, all names considered! I will be making pockets for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “Her name here:

  1. Here are some names for you of uniboobers – Ron, Millie, Auntie, Rose, Susan, and Jacqui. I have used a couple of recycled pockets and they are fun. I like that they are different sizes, too! Have a happy!


  2. Love the Quick and Dirty Breast Pockets. The hand stitching on top of the stenciling and stamping really ads to the character of the pocket. What about a deconstructed screen printed one?


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