Melanie TestaMy quest as an artist is to ensure that my mind, eyes and hands convey the same visual thought.  This takes practice and skill and I am committed to obtaining and maintaining these skills each day and with each new idea. I believe that drawing is the best way for an artist to fully express himself or herself, whether they choose to abstract an image or present a photorealistic one, are working in cloth, paper or any other media. Because of this, I use my skills and build upon them every-single-day. Hey, this is the job of an artist!

I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in Textile/Surface Design in 1999, I have written three books, Playful Fabric Printing, coauthored with Carol Soderlund by Crafting a Life, LLC, Dreaming from the Journal Page by North Light, Inspired to Quilt by Interweave Press, and filmed one DVD – Print Collage, Quilt. Whether you use cloth, paper or a mixed media approach to making art, one of these books, if not both will help you on your own creative journey. I have a gorgeous husband and a beautiful cat and I live in Brooklyn, New York.

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