A podcast, breast pockets, todays ramble.

This week Ricë and I recorded a podcast on ” Going Flat and the Breast Pocket Project” and if you have an hour, please listen to it.


Studio Melly is up and running, hand dyeing embroidery floss. I ran out of cards to wrap thread on, and so, began making my own. I am crazy. It takes as long to make your own floss cards than it does to dye the thread (not really). And I do love seeing all the colors lined up in their boxes. I lament they are plastic, but can’t live without the orderliness. So I am ordering these.

I can tell you, I am learning a thing or two, dyeing all this thread. It is an interesting process. 

I have been gifted with an entire set of Havel Scissors. I like them a lot. They are a nice compliment to my sewing shears, but don’t replace them. The blades have a serrated teeth that has the effect of being grippy. I like these scissors for their accessibility, they are in high use right now.  Because I have an array to choose from, each having  specific use, I can confirm, I like the embroidery scissor, it is a bit too big for my Sew-plies purses, but it is lightweight and has a nice grip.

I don’t have an affiliation with Havel scissors, I am just giving my own opinion.

This is a set of pockets that I started working on last night. They will have graffiti stitching. 

We walked into Dumbo, taking photos and talking. The morning was magical and we began our walk just before the hustle and bustle of ‘family wake up time’. We had our cappuccino, we walked, paused, took pictures, it was great.

 I don’t know what this building is called. I will find out.

3 thoughts on “A podcast, breast pockets, todays ramble.

  1. I really enjoyed the podcast. I have thought about it off and on since listening to it. Lots of food for thought. I absolutely love the Brooklyn Bridge. Last year I started to design a piece based on the supports. I need to dig that out again! The brick building is beautiful. I have a fondness for brick and iron work. I went through too many rolls of film in Boston and all the photos were of buildings and iron work. The silhouette is wonderful! It would make a good album cover. Silk thread… sigh. I buy it whenever I find it, but have never found it in bulk. A friend suggested looking at fly tying sites as they use silk to create their lures. Treenway Silks has a nice assortment. Valdani and Superior all sell it, but I can’t find it here or in Seattle. Jewelry makers also use silk, so that is a source as well. I love how it gobbles up the dye and is so nice to use. I just bought some Madeira Lana embroidery thread. It is wool/poly blend. It stitches like butter. It is similar in weight to a buttonhole twist and comes on a generous spool. So many threads, so many ideas, sew I’d better get busy. 🙂 (I used some of the Lana on some of the pockets.) I have been known to cut up index cards to use for floss winders. I dislike greatly the plastic ones. They are too hard, in my mind. Havel scissors, hmmmm, Christmas is coming………xoxo


  2. The podcast was worth the listen and I highly recommend it. I take it that your call for more pockets means that you don’t have the 1000 you need yet! Agh!

    Love your photos of the city. So many interesting things to see and photograph. Perhaps if I hadn’t of been in such a hurry or had to drag a bag with a broken wheel I might have stopped and photographed more. Oh well, another time!


  3. I loved the Podcast, and want to send in a pocket to honor my NIA instructor, Katy. She is a flattie, and stands up in front of a whole class and dances her heart out. I told her about the pockets and she made a comment to me that really moved me. She said “When I had my mastectomy over 20 years ago, I thought that I would not survive long enough to have the reconstruction surgery, and then just never bothered! ” She is uch an inspiration to all of her students, and I will proudly make a pocket to honor her! Please send your snail mail address!


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