Cancer Advocacy Resume

A role model for ‘flat reconstruction’, Melanie presents images that are strong, sexy, inspirational and even sometimes confrontational, in an effort to normalize the experience a majority of women face with breast cancer diagnosis. Breaking down the barriers of invisibility for this reconstructive choice has been a focus for Melanie since her diagnosis in 2011.

Advocacy Resume

Participation in The Cancer Journals Revisited, a documentary by Lana Lin.

The Cancer Journals Revisited trailer from Lin + Lam on Vimeo.

Role/Reboot: I Chose to Live as a Flat Chested Woman After Breast Cancer Treatment

Grace Project:

Play Out underwear editorial campaign

Rainbow Fashion NYC 2015

24 Women Bare their Scars to Reveal Beauty in Imperfection:

Women’s Health article 4 Women Show the Reality of their Mastectomy Scars

CNN/Great Big Story interview:

Participation in PerfektUNperfekt, a high fashion photoshoot by Esther Hasse and Uta Melle.

Referenced in: 

Thinking about Gender Surface/Iconicity and What Breasts Have to Do With It by Anne Marie Champagne

Chelsea Now: For QueerCancer Survivors, it’s not all about Pink Ribbons.

Principal role as a Genderless Faerie in upcoming movie, The Avant Gardener by Lidsay Katt.

My Flat Friends Pinterest Board:








CBS Sunday Morning March 12 <—Link to entire show

The New York Post, Why I went Flat after Breast Cancer by Bethany Kandel