Steeped in Breast Pockets

As you know, I am asking for help to make 1000 breast  pockets in memory of or to honor your friends and loved ones who have decided against reconstructing their bodies after breast cancer. I posted this ‘Call For’ on Facebook, because it seems we all hang out there! Libby, from Mija Fiber Art quickly emailed me saying she had been saving breast pockets, taken from the clothing she uses to make her art for the last 10 years, she went on to offer me two boxes of breast pockets.

I could not refuse. 

The two boxes are so jam packed, the pockets ‘stick’ together. They are also somewhat loosely arranged by color!  I have not counted them. I love them though. I love that cloth has memory. The seam allowances remain turned back, there are snippets of thread left where the pockets were ripped from their original home. They become ‘documents’ (information or evidence that serves as an official record). And they each have personality, funky, wild, subdued, loud, quiet prints. 

My goodness. Largess comes in interesting, fun and exciting ways.

This is a pocket taken from Mija’s Largess. I am using hand dyed pearl cotton to highlight the printed leaves. This pocket is not yet complete, but it is calling my name as I type. 

If you are making pockets, please post them to facebook, or your blog, and let me know! I am keeping a pinterest board with all the pockets that we make and post about. Thank you for helping me get the word out.

Now I am off to go make some tea!

6 thoughts on “Steeped in Breast Pockets

  1. Please send me an address for mailing some breast pockets to you. I am in absolute and utter awe of what you are doing and on behalf of those I love who are also flatties , I want to get some made and in the mail!


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