Hand stitch

Stitch, hand stitching is such a quiet endeavor. I love it for that reason. I love keeping the apartment so quiet that you can hear the needle break through the cloth. Over and over again. I also love the way stitch changes the nature of the cloth you work. 

This is a set of breast pockets that I am making in my own name. This will be a dense mix of thread and imagery, hand stitched ‘paint’ (no paint will be used, just hand dyed thread).

I am extending the deadline for the Breast Pocket Project, right now I need about 800 pockets to meet my goal. 200 pockets are a great accomplishment, and I did ask that you send the pockets during the week of the 22nd, which is today or now. I know many more pockets are on their way to my neck of the woods as I type, but if you have it in you to make more pockets, please do.

8 thoughts on “Hand stitch

  1. I am glad that you have extended the deadline as I almost didn’t make it … but I have 4 pockets and just need to know where to send them. Sorry, you may have told me and I’ve lost the info.
    btw … 1200 pockets in such a short time is a fantastic accomplishment !


  2. I’m glad to see that you are still sewing too, Melly. I just found out about the project on Friday, and Lily and I got to work. What a great idea! 4 pockets will soon be on their way from Oxford….


  3. I just found this today and will be making one tomorrow to send.
    My Mom is a one sided flattie. I am so grateful to still have her more than after 15 years after cancer.
    She gave up the prostesis about 5 years ago.


  4. I will be sending my pockets your way. Thanks, Melly, for all your work with this!

    This project turned into a meditative activity for me. Caught me off guard. My sister, Ellen, passed away in 2001 due to breast cancer. For a long time, I could not deal with the breast cancer issue. As the years have passed, I am now able to acknowledge the villain that breast cancer is, and fight it in my own way.

    Here’s to my friends and family that have fought and are still dealing with the villainous ways of breast cancer. These pockets are a symbol of my love and admiration for you.


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