Mish Mash.

I bought an album by Sophie Hunger. She is worth a listen. Check her out.


I really like Kellie Davis of Mother Fitness Revolution. I was introduced to her web site by Bret Contreras site (who calls himself The Glute Guy-which I think quite charming, albeit goofy) 😉 The two coauthored the upcoming book, Strong Curves, which I preordered, I never pre-order! I am quite excited about this book. Marianne has worked with Bret. In the fitness world it seems that people mentor and teach one another, it is quite an interesting place.


I own one piece of jewelry from these folk. I check them out now and again. Lil’ shopping. Then I head over here. I own a pair of boots from CYDWOQ. She says shyly. Riches! Honest to goodness riches. Those boots were comfortable from day one. Amazing. And they will last for quite a long time. These boots can be resoled, and there is a great cobbler in the neighborhood. My Man bought me a shirt sold at J Crew, made of Liberty of London cloth yesterday (I wish you could actually see the print). There will be many a fun day in that shirt! 


The Graffiti Breast Pockets are coming along. They need a super shift, a change, an intensity of color, additional motif, something. I have begun to push them in a new direction.

In Episode 6 of the last Mad Men season (4?), Peggy has this print by David Weidman hanging in her office, which I love. I am embroidering my version of these daisies onto the pocket at upper right.

Today I have a doctor appointment in the morning, then I plan to take my sewing supplies to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to stitch/draw. Excitement.

3 thoughts on “Mish Mash.

  1. Hope all goes well at the doctor’s office. Enjoy your time at MoMa. I suppose that is another reason I should return to NY – never got a chance to see it!


  2. I hope it was a gold star day at the doc’s. I love shopping with you! LOL! D gets two thumbs up on the blouse. I love J. Crew and then combine it with Liberty – yeah! The eye candy on this post is amazing. I love the etsy shop and what they are offering. Then I started browsing through what was showing at the MET. I could spend days on end there just seeing what they are exhibiting now. The Asian art, Klee, Warhol, etc., bliss! xoxo


  3. Hi Melanie, would love to send some breast pockets. Please send the address where to send them. Love all your inspiration, sharing of your experiences. Rooting for your receiving 1000 pockets! Your stitchery and thread dyeing is beautiful.


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