Breast Cancer Awareness?

Today begins Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

This is a small work, I am stitching on currently. I am learning needle turn. I am not very good yet, but I bit off a large portion and am getting better at it, as a result. I am moving into our tiny apartment, looking for space solutions that fit our favorite activities and furniture. Now it has come down to specifics. I love space organization, so you might hear the glee in my voice as I type these words.

Anyway. Breast cancer awareness.

You may know that there is a challenge out there, in the ethers…

A Quilting Arts Readers Challenge, to be exact.  

I am going to begin a discussion on Going Flat. Much of my discussion will revolve around creating breast pockets and embroidering these small feminine works, as you see above. I hope you will join me, in discussion within the comments section of each post (check back, OK?)

OR join me in a Gather your Sew-plies, Sew a-Long!

Or both.

Please help me get back in the swing of blogging and investing in my virtual community, you! 

7 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness?

  1. I want to add to your breast pocket but it seems everytime i want to go for it , I have to post and pray you get it.


  2. I love the image above. My first knowledge of you was through one of your nudes that was in Quilting Arts (I think the lady with the flower on her hip?). ( I just went and looked – Wandering in the Garden.) I wanted to be that woman – free in her skin, her enviroment, and confident. Once you get the rhythm of needle turning, you’ll love it. I like straw needles (Jeanna Kimball?) and YLI silk thread. I am sure there are other brands, but those are what I find when I go to the big city. Organization – my downfall. I do well when I break it down to small bites, but then I get distracted and don’t follow through on the rest of the house. Plus, a certain spouse loves chaos, how did we ever get together? LOL!


    1. Jeannie, it feels good to get back into stitching nudes. Even if they have become smaller out of necessity. I will look into straw needles and Jeanna Kimball brand. You know me with organization. I can’t handle life messy.


  3. so excited to see your upcoming needle turn work. And thanks again for all you do on your blog, encouraging and informing women everywhere about breast cancer and “all” of the options a woman has. Your focus on going flat has inspired so many and is so empowering. My neighbor decided to go flat after reconstructive surgeries (8 I think) failed to produce a result that was pain free. She heard of you through some of my posts on FB


    1. Barbara. if she needs support, I will help her get into FLAT & Fabulous (remind her that she need not lead a flat lifestyle to join). Thank you for your kind words.


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