Brave, fiercely.

I have been conversing about cloth, it is a personal, ever growing and ongoing discussion, really. I have this ‘metallic’ white cotton, I bought it ten years ago, I don’t know its name. (Do you??)  I am a total Mad Men Fan. And right now I have a crush in Michael Ginsberg‘s character.  Please repeat theContinue reading “Brave, fiercely.”

Thread as traveler.

David and I just got back from shanty town, oh uh, I mean, Seattle. What a great city. It feels like a town, which is nice. It is such a working town, quiet, humming right along, I loved walking the streets. We passed through neighborhoods, quaint with corner shops, over highways, alongside real traffic, through alleyContinue reading “Thread as traveler.”

Yarn Bag and Project

Dear Person-Who-Lost-Your-Grocery-Store-Stuff- Sack-Purse. I found it. It took my fancy and I am using it. I feel badly for you. I am sorry if you are looking for it. I wanted to do a post on Facebook: I have taken to stealing. Because it is true.  And I continue to move labels around and misrepresentContinue reading “Yarn Bag and Project”

A New Day, A New Week.

I opened my mail last week to find this CD, sent by Meg Cox. The woman who heads the band is also a breast cancer survivor and although this is not the type of music I gravitate to, this album is really good. It is uplifting, danceable and has been on rotation since its arrival.Continue reading “A New Day, A New Week.”

Not Only That

Alongside making clothing from patterns I am also using spontaneity, whim and ingenuity to create artful clothing. I have created two rules to work with, all artful clothing much be fully washable and it must fit my body appropriate to its design. I do not need to use ‘real’ patterns, tried and true construction techniques,Continue reading “Not Only That”