Project bag?

My Man and I are planning a trip to Seattle next week and I need soft, easy to carry, project bags. In fact, I care more about packing my projects than I do clothing! This bag is made of cotton kimono scrap and is lined in cotton kimono cloth. It is not as ‘sturdy’ as the ‘market bag’ I made earlier in the week. But it is basically the same design. Perhaps it needs some boro stitching and patching, which would give the cloth more body.

I do like the strap tab detail at the lower left. 

I think it is kind of funny. I have had this ability since I was a child. I could not for the life of me, figure out how to sew the straps into the bag while I was lining it. This bag also cinches shut with the weight of what it carries and the strap emerges from a button hole middle top sack. The strap and buttonhole just mussed up my ability to think! So I stopped, got my book, went into the other room. Read for a while. Closed my eyes and saw it! So I hopped up and finished sewing the sack.

My friend Cricket can’t see pictures in her head, I can, can you? It would bum me out not to be able to see things in my minds’ eye.


Oh Gosh. Does this mean that each of my Sew-plies purses needs its own project bag? I think that is going a bit too far.

2 thoughts on “Project bag?

  1. LOL! I knew we were sisters seperated at birth! I throw my clothes into a bag in about 15 minutes. Then I spend 2 days packing and un-packing my busy bags. One bag for projects, the other for reading, binocs, and camera. Love the kimono fabrics in the bag. I watched a Japanese dvd last night about shibori and how they get the designs on the cloth. I am surprised that traditional Japanese fabric isn’t $200/yd. A lot of work, but the artisans were so rapt in what they were doing, I think it may be a form of meditation. A project bag for each Sew-plies bag makes sense.
    I see pictures in my head. It gets to be troublesome when working on a project with C. For some reason, he can’t see the pictures in my head! LOL! I think that is why I also get frustrated drawing. I can close my eyes and see what I want to draw/paint, but the message gets lost between the brain and hand.
    C makes lists and rough sketches, but can not visualize pictures. He also doesn’t form pictures in his head when he reads. I think that is when I developed the ability. I read to escape and could imagine the places, the people, and me in the locale. I would be sad if I couldn’t do that, but I guess if you never experienced it, you wouldn’t know what you were missing. Have a wonderful rest of the day!!!


  2. I see everything in my mind before I can create it. It’s very annoying at times because I often go to bed, see a project and then I have to get up to draw it out before I lose it! I will often stop and close my eyes to try to picture what I need to do when I get stuck and I even close my eyes to type things out sometimes because I need to picture what I am going to say. haha

    LOVE your project bag. I know what a fiend you are for project organization so I can see you going crazy with these bags just like the sew-plies bags. haha

    Have a great trip. You are going to look awesome walking around with this bag.


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