Brave, fiercely.

I have been conversing about cloth, it is a personal, ever growing and ongoing discussion, really. I have this ‘metallic’ white cotton, I bought it ten years ago, I don’t know its name. (Do you??) 

I am a total Mad Men Fan. And right now I have a crush in Michael Ginsberg‘s character.  Please repeat the above paragraph in Michael Ginsberg’s cadence and accent.


Use his gestures too.

See? I am revealing myself. 

ANYWAY. Back to the cloth!

I think the ‘metallic’ is plastic, I don’t know, it is a festive  cloth, whatever it’s content. I reverse basted some of the mettallic cotton cloth to the center front band of a tie front wrap. I love what the cloth has become.


if this cloth has plastic content, I would like to say! Way to make plastic magical, whoever designed this cloth! Thank you! It is somehow, really magical.

I wish I had a selvedges that would tell me more about these different pieces and parts. I remember taking a steam iron to them early on and watching them shrink in front of my eyes, by inches! I knew it would happen and did it on purpose, so that I would get used to the eventual look, not the newly-bought look.

You know?

The graffiti Pockets are coming along! You can only see a bottom corner up center, top. I like what is happening with this set of pockets, but progress is slow. Stitch as color is infiltrating my thought process. Stitch as painting. Stitch as communication.

Either way, I am interested in stitch, clothing, cloth and what each of these ‘ideas’ brings to a garment.

4 thoughts on “Brave, fiercely.

  1. I believe I had some of that fabric, too. The idea was to dye it and the plastic would still sparkle. There was also some floating around that had nylon warp or weft threads. When you dyed it, the nylon added a sparkle. I know I have some of that! In 1972, for Senior Prom, I sewed a fitted halter dress out of a fabric like your sparkly fabric. Mine was a deep rose pink. I thought I was so stylish and glam. tee-hee! Me glam? Laughable!!! But back then, I thought I was. I have been looking at ethnic clothing and how much stitching is used to adorn the cloth. Our Puritan ancestors really missed out on some fun clothing. I wish my Norwegian Great Gram was still around so I could ask her about clothing she wore in Norway. (I tried watching Mad Men once on dvd. I didn’t last through the second episode. I think it is because I lived through it and with it. I still bristle when my Dad asks me to get him some coffee and my brother knows better. :)) xoxo


  2. The metallic plastic cloth is beautiful. I know I’ve seen fabric like that but I really don’t know the name. The fabric looks beautiful in your piece!


  3. I’m totally convinced that stitch is a form of communication – I mean why do what we do if it wasn’t? I’m hooked on Madmen too since I started watching on Netflix during a tedious hand project. I get what Jeannie is saying though – at first I thought it should be called Men behaving Badly but it does suck you in. As an aside – did you see’s January’s dress at the Emmy’s??? OMG – pinned that baby as inspiration – gorgeous – not to mention she looks amazing!


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