A New Day, A New Week.

Wood Block Stamps and Music

I opened my mail last week to find this CD, sent by Meg Cox. The woman who heads the band is also a breast cancer survivor and although this is not the type of music I gravitate to, this album is really good. It is uplifting, danceable and has been on rotation since its arrival. Great stuff.

You also see some woodblocks from Colouricious in this last photo.

Making rules as I go, Boro Dress, Art Clothing

I have been on a mission. I am defining (redefining?) what clothing needs to be and how I might participate in the making of it. This will be a dress. A boro style dress, made just for me, using scrap, recycled bits of cloth, oak gall dyed organza and an indian sari. In my mind, clothing needs to fit well and be machine washable. It could also be pretty, inspiring, well made,  and interesting. 

I have always wanted to dress differently. I ‘see’ clothing that is not available on the market. It is time to start actualizing what I see.  

5 thoughts on “A New Day, A New Week.

  1. I have always wanted to dress like a Gypsy/Native American/Pioneer woman. I didn’t go through the “princess” phase growing up. I have photos of me at Halloween and every year I am a gypsy, witch, or Squaw. I love the peek at your dress. I received a catalogue from a company that sells fair trade clothing made by women in India. The fabric alone had me swooning. This was under the tree for me from Santa Carl – http://www.maiwa.com/home/supply/natural_dyes/natural_dye_kits/natural_dye_kit.html
    When the weather warms up, this gypsy will be outside dyeing yards of lawn and voile!


    1. the Maiwa website also has fabulous wooden stamps that look similar to the ones from Coloricious. And shipping would be much cheaper!
      Looking forward to seeing the finished dress.


  2. I love the idea of clothes as wearable art, but the challenge is often the washability. Perhaps I need to think “hand-washable” rather then assume everything I sew needs to be able to survive a washing machine – after all, I wouldn’t dream of machine-washing a hand-knitted sweater! Watching with fascination!


  3. I need to live where people will appreciate “art” clothing as legitimate. In the meantime, I am adding art to things like jean jackets. I hope to get back to making clothes soon, thought. You will inspire me to do this!


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