Brave, fiercely.

I have been conversing about cloth, it is a personal, ever growing and ongoing discussion, really. I have this ‘metallic’ white cotton, I bought it ten years ago, I don’t know its name. (Do you??) 

I am a total Mad Men Fan. And right now I have a crush in Michael Ginsberg‘s character.  Please repeat the above paragraph in Michael Ginsberg’s cadence and accent.


Use his gestures too.

See? I am revealing myself. 

ANYWAY. Back to the cloth!

I think the ‘metallic’ is plastic, I don’t know, it is a festive  cloth, whatever it’s content. I reverse basted some of the mettallic cotton cloth to the center front band of a tie front wrap. I love what the cloth has become.


if this cloth has plastic content, I would like to say! Way to make plastic magical, whoever designed this cloth! Thank you! It is somehow, really magical.

I wish I had a selvedges that would tell me more about these different pieces and parts. I remember taking a steam iron to them early on and watching them shrink in front of my eyes, by inches! I knew it would happen and did it on purpose, so that I would get used to the eventual look, not the newly-bought look.

You know?

The graffiti Pockets are coming along! You can only see a bottom corner up center, top. I like what is happening with this set of pockets, but progress is slow. Stitch as color is infiltrating my thought process. Stitch as painting. Stitch as communication.

Either way, I am interested in stitch, clothing, cloth and what each of these ‘ideas’ brings to a garment.