Not Only That

Alongside making clothing from patterns I am also using spontaneity, whim and ingenuity to create artful clothing. I have created two rules to work with, all artful clothing much be fully washable and it must fit my body appropriate to its design. I do not need to use ‘real’ patterns, tried and true construction techniques, no. Two rules: washable and appropriate fit.

Shiva Rea Yoga CD

And because I seem to need lots of charts, graphs, checklists and presumably structure, I am immersing myself in all things stretching.

2 thoughts on “Not Only That

  1. The rainbow colors made my eyes happy. Stretching is so good for the body. Just watch Arrow. I love how when a cat stretches they squint their eyes and seem to smile. Another rule I add to your list is comfort. Wishing you a day of rainbows and cat stretches.


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