Hello Father.

Great things are accomplished only by the perfection of minor details. 

Will you please cook a special meal for me on a Friday night in the very near future? (Ask Mom the date).

7 thoughts on “Hello Father.

  1. I love this photo. Your Dad is so handsome. What is your favorite meal that he cooks for you? Yes, I am being snoopy. 🙂 Have a wonderful!


  2. What a great photo! I’m just back from a party celebrating my dad’s 90th birthday and my parents’ 62nd wedding anniversary. A good time was had by all, especially the birthday boy – even though his short-term memory is kind of out of whack. At least everything that happens is a nice surprise! Enjoy your dinner with dad.


  3. Hi Melanie! Your work is absolutely stunning and you are such a breath of fresh air. My daughter is a budding artist and I can’t wait to share your site with her. Thanks so much for sharing my link and complimenting my site. Much love to you!



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