random acts of kindness are real.

Lifting weights, challenging my body and mind to work together to complete my workouts, watching my muscles grow and my shape change is quite an adventure. Being proactive and engaging with my body and its needs has helped me to feel grounded and clarifies my mind, especially after the rigors of breast cancer treatment. I know it isn’t guaranteed, and nothing can prevent cancer, but exercise is inexpensive, non-invasive and well within my ability to accomplish. It provides great benefit, acts as an antidepressant, it helps level out hormonal levels, it helps keep my body fat low (I had estrogen dependent breast cancer and fat stores and creates estrogen). 

While surfing my favorite fitness blogs last week, I noticed that Jen Sinkler is coming out with a new product called Lift Weights Faster and is building interest for her new offering by doing a give away. Jen Sinkler owns a gym with her husband, she is really straight forward in her fitness approach, and she is badass, goofy, and fun (all of the things you want in a person who inspires you to exercise). Jen had a scheme where you got one point for entering yourself in the drawing, and 10 points for every friend you refer. The grand prize to this giveaway, is a home gym set up.

I took a screenshot of all the swag, just so you could see it. 

And, ohmygoodness, I wanted it! I began to use my social networking feeds to get my points up to winning levels, I told my friends that I wanted that grand prize and asked them to sign up for Jen’s email list, just so I could have a chance at winning all that loot. My points started racking up and I was excited to get detailed messages describing how many points I had earned in my email box. Pretty fancy. 

But then…

An unnamed admirer went and bought the entire grand prize offering and had it shipped directly to me. Just typing out these words, almost a week afterward, makes me tear up. All of the items, and more, were on my ‘wish list’. I had just been shopping for them and trying to find good deals.

Here I am with my newest kettle bell, a heavy bugger that I look forward to swinging soon.

But what really touches me about being given this gift, this random act of kindness, is the note that came with it. Which said, ‘Simply because you are an inspirational woman.’ 

This touches me deeply. I am honored to receive this generous gift. I feel gratified that my actions are received in the manner I had hoped. I have decided to live out loud, in all of my Flat and Fabulous glory, and to advocate for us Flatties as much as I am able. Talking about this topic, putting an image of my body on the web challenges me. It does not come easily. But at the same time, I feel passionate that women need this information and perspective, so I choose to do the work anyway. I know that if I am able to affect a single person, it was worth it, even if it is difficult to do.

So when this kind act was given to me, it was as if I had received physical confirmation that I am doing good work. It also feels somewhat permissive, as just last week, I was reviewing topics I would like to discuss on this blog, and one of them is fitness, my new hobby. So, rest assured, I will be talking fitness in the weeks and months to come.

And as is the hope when giving and receiving Random Acts of Kindness, I will be looking for a way to ‘Pay it Forward’, when the time comes. 

And in the meantime, I choose to allow myself the love and kindness and generosity that was given to me along with the physical aspect of this gift. Thank you universe. Thank you very much. Some very heavy items will arrive this week and you gotta know, I look forward to lifting and writing about them.

Oh! And, I bought Jen Sinkler’s Lift Weights Faster eBook/video compilation, I love it! I have been studying it (and trying new lifts out) in downtime all week!

14 thoughts on “random acts of kindness are real.

  1. I can’t think of anyone better qualified to be a f&f spokesperson. I have long followed you (I am an art quilter) and was amazed when you started to speak about your breast cancer journey. I had breast cancer treatment(2009) as well but I had not had the courage to speak out about not reconstructing, the brain injury I sustained due to chemo or any of the other trials breast cancer initiates go through. Since you have begun to speak louder I too have raised my voice. No longer am I afraid to talk about breast cancer, my choice not to reconstruct, my brain injury (now very ADD) or even my fears of metastases. It is how my life is now, not one I would have chosen had I a choice but one that can bring some meaning to the greater collective consciousness I believe. I continue to try to emulate your very brave actions, not to engender pity for myself but to empower others who may, one day, have to walk the path we have already walked. You GO GIRL!


  2. What a wonderful and touching story!!! You ARE an inspiration in so many ways and I’m glad to see that recognized by a such a generous person!!!


  3. Reading Jody’s comment says it all – you are giving a voice to those who couldn’t/can’t speak, educating those who haven’t traveled the path you have been on, and touching each and every man & woman by being an advocate for body love. You have always been my teacher for creative endeavors and now you are a teacher of many as to how to embrace ourselves as we are made.
    I want to give the secret admirer a huge hug and a thank you for seeing all that you do for others. xoxo


  4. That is wonderful!! You really do deserve this, you do give a voice to something we all know about but isn’t really spoken of. I have not had to go through any of what you have endured.


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  6. Wow, Melly, that is so fantastic and very heart-warming. And it always feels so wonderful to find out that what you are doing is making a difference to someone. Enjoy your new gym!


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