The Goodness

I recently went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and saw an installation by William Kentridge called The Refusal of Time

I don’t know about you, but when I go to museums, which are like candy shops for me, I give myself an ‘out’, which goes like this, “Go ahead and wander around until something ‘sticks’.” This version of ‘candy’ takes up mental space, I figure I should not apply my full attention to anything in particular until my internal bells and whistles begin firing. I really do not want to give my energy away before I have had my moment.

So I wandered around, predominantly on the second floor, where I stumbled on a show called Jewels by Jar. I like sparkly things, not a lot, but I do, I meandered through the gallery, which was very dark, I looked at the amazing jewel encrusted sculptures, they were really neat, Jar has major talent and imagination. But what I really liked, was seeing the New York dames, elder women, neatly dressed, holding the print-out closely and trying to figure out what metals, jewels and fibers were used in each piece. I have always loved elder people and I fall in love easily. 

I fell in love that day.

Then I stumbled into a furniture exhibit, centered around the dressing table. This was a low key gallery as far as I was concerned. It held my interest long enough to take a fun selfie.

But soon after this, I entered into the installation by William Kentridge ( the top most phot in this post). I really like the art this man makes. Every piece I have come across satisfies me, touches me deeply and this installation did not disappoint. Surrounded by projections on all three walls, sitting on a chair affixed to the floor along side an active bellows of some sort of machination, while listening to some really ingenious music, I became immersed in this 35 minute experience. 

It brought tears to my eyes, I was amazed. I love that. I love when good art makes me cry. When good art makes me think and pulls me away from what I think is true and relevant and fills me with wonder and anticipation. 

I want to see it again.

And whenever I go to the Met, I always seek out the gallery just outside the Antonio Ratti Textile Center which had an exhibition of William Morris fabrics and wallpaper. This is just food for the soul. This textile lover, up and coming textile designer, loves William Morris. Being able to lean in and really look at printed cloth and wallpaper? Being able to see the ‘thuck’ of the block printed paper (the texture that the ink leaves), oh my goodness. That was a treat beyond measure.

I left the museum with a lightness, an airiness that had not been there previously.

What museum, show or gallery have you been to that has rocked your socks? Tell me in the comment, please.

7 thoughts on “The Goodness

  1. Wow! I just watched a video of Kentridge’ s process and was enamored. ( His comment about walking from the drawing to taking the shot and the physical process was interesting. I immediately flashed about working on a design wall and walking away, coming back, and adjusting. I wish I could visit MOMA!!! I know the feeling you descibed. I felt that way when I went to Harvard to see the glass botanical exhibit. To have the vision, to execute, and develop that vision is what really draws me in. I guess that is why I like autobiographies. 🙂 William Morrise – swoon!!! Timeless and beautiful. Are you counting the days until your fabric arrives? xoxo


  2. My daughter and I saw the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met a couple of years ago. I was stunned by the entire installation, bought the (big) book and carried it the rest of the day all over Manhattan. Some of the pieces were so amazing. I remember being moved to tears by the beauty of the work and the loss of this incredible talent.


  3. I like that you give yourself permission to move on. I went to a museum by myself for the first time a few years ago and it was so nice to enjoy what I wanted to look at and pass by what I didn’t care to spend time with. I love looking up close and trying to figure out how things were made.


  4. But…did you venture to the roof garden?? Fond and tipsy memories. Hope to get lost once again at the Met with you, my precious friend. xoxo


  5. What a wonderful experience to have had. I love your phrase “taking up mental space” …. that’s exactly what happens when you find the pieces that truly touch you.


  6. For me it’s the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I wouldn’t mind living in that place for a while just so I could take it all in once and for all. It has everything, just everything that represents craftmanship, beauty and design. I’m in deep love every time I visit and always leave bursting with ideas and awe for all the possibilities out there.


  7. Mmmm…it sounds like it is time for me to get back to the Met! Last time I went was before Christmas to show my kids the amazing Christmas tree, which of course leads them right into the armor. But before all that we walked through the amazing “Interwoven Globe” textile show which was stunning, particularly the Indian printed textiles… 🙂 Love your descriptions, love the way art can move us.


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