Neutralized Color


I am preparing for another Clever Guild class and these are some of the samples that I have been working on. I may be changing the name of that class, I am bot sure. I think the focus has shifted from being a boro inspired class to a embroidery and mixed media style class.  As I continue to create samples, I will work that part out.

When I dyed the threads shown in this post, I began thinking about dyeing a neutralized 4 step color wheel gradation of thread and I needed to work out the recipe to do so anyway. This seemed like an opportunity to expand my thread collection. And you know what? I still have not gotten the recipe down! So I will be dyeing even more thread in the next couple of days! My collection of thread is growing by 48 colors each time I dye. I see nothing wrong with this! What you see here is DMC 6 Strand Cotton, which is a favorite of mine. If you know where I can purchase bulk multi-strand silk, embroidery floss, PLEASE comment on this post.

I am a bit tired today and wanted to release a post about the podcast I recorded with Ricë, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I will be conserving my energy for the rest of the day.



6 thoughts on “Neutralized Color

  1. Your podcast with Rice was wonderful! So many thoughts bounced around in my head as I listened. Thank you both!
    I love this palette! Rich, earthy, almost jeweled – yummers!
    Rest, relax, care for yourself. Much love. xoxo


  2. I listened to the whole podcast, Melanie, and enjoyed it very much. I appreciate you sharing your feelings so openly. I love your hand-dyed threads! I have the same question as Barbara. Also, where do you buy the bobbins? Have a good weekend.


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