Dream Journal, new online class offering

I am putting the finishing touches on my first on-line journaling class Dream Journals and boy would I like to see you there. We will learn to use watercolors, resists, we’ll draw, paint, play and create journal pages that are richly layered and dynamic. All techniques covered in the class are taught in my book, DreamingContinue reading “Dream Journal, new online class offering”

Dreaming from the Journal Page Give Away+

Dreaming from the Journal Page is a pretty snazzy book, if I do say so myself. North Light was very gracious to me when they heard I had been diagnosed with cancer and rather than flying me to home base to have step out photographs taken, they hired a photographer to come to me. ManyContinue reading “Dreaming from the Journal Page Give Away+”

Positively Flash Card Friday

Here is another contribution to Flash Card Friday. Last week we talked about Negative Space, this week we talk about Positive Space. Positive space is object itself. Positive space is the person, place or thing that you are drawing. In the last post, I painted the negative space around the chair, in this one, I paintedContinue reading “Positively Flash Card Friday”

Embracing Ambiguity.

Two weeks ago, David and I went to Kripalu, a yoga retreat center that we visit regularly. Of course I packed up my travel kit, journal and special treats and I took the time to find a flower to two to draw and paint. While drawing the orange flower I was bit by a nastyContinue reading “Embracing Ambiguity.”

Flash Card Friday: Negative Space

  It is once again Flash Card Friday, where I discuss techniques used in Dreaming From the Journal Page. I don’t know why, but for years I had a very hard time remembering what negative space was. I had a mental block. Then one day my pal Angela looked at a stamp I had carvedContinue reading “Flash Card Friday: Negative Space”

Numinous thoughts.

Kass Hall and I speak to one another through Facebook, she is also a (4 time) cancer survivor and she has written a book, soon to be published about Zentangles, called Zentangle Untangled. Kass recently wrote a review of Dreaming from the Journal Page on her blog. Then she went and wrote this post. AndContinue reading “Numinous thoughts.”

Flash Card Friday: Stencils

Here is the scoop, Chapter 3 of Dreaming from the Journal Page contains a lot of the techniques I use to play around in my journals. I encourage you to mix and match these ideas by engaging with the concept of ‘Throw Downs’, A Throw Down is a challenge or a creative ‘Double Dog Dare’,Continue reading “Flash Card Friday: Stencils”

The Webinar and a travel journal update

Oh my goodness! I just finished the Webinar with Create Mixed Media and I think it was a success. I was a bit nervous, but that is to be expected. If you attended, thank you so very much for coming and for checking out my website, blog and… ahem…. my new teaching website, The Clever Guild.Continue reading “The Webinar and a travel journal update”

Free Webinar!

Webinar Promo from The Clever Guild on Vimeo. I am teaming up with Create Mixed Media to offer a free webinar to celebrate the release of Dreaming from the Journal Page. Please sign up using this link. The Webinar will be Thursday, April 26th at 1 p.m. All registered participants will receive a recorded transcriptContinue reading “Free Webinar!”

Survey Says!

Hi there-Please take a few minutes to fill out my online workshop survey. Ten questions, nothing fancy. As incentive for responding,  I will give away, at random, up to three signed copies of my book. The number of copies given away will depend on the number of responses tallied.  So please, take the survey, leave a comment to enter your nameContinue reading “Survey Says!”