Flash Card Friday: Negative Space


It is once again Flash Card Friday, where I discuss techniques used in Dreaming From the Journal Page.

I don’t know why, but for years I had a very hard time remembering what negative space was. I had a mental block. Then one day my pal Angela looked at a stamp I had carved and said, “You have great command of negative space”. I looked at her dumbfounded and asked her to please explain what that meant.

Negative space is the the area around an object. Simple.

The use of negative space in my work is akin to creating windows into previous layers. See the peach/teal/polka dots? That was the first layer. After which, I outlined two figures (which is my Man and I) and painted around them using a royal blue. The royal blue is negative space.

Easy peasy, right?

When I journal, there are a few images that continually recur, this ‘couple’ is one of them. I started drawing elongated people and calling them David and I after we saw some Giacometti sculptures at Tate Modern. It was such a fabulous trip and the artwork spoke volumes to me, so they became personally iconic. Do you do this too?

My Guy and I are going away for a relaxing retreat at our favorite yoga center and we really need it. See you again on Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Flash Card Friday: Negative Space

  1. I will think of you and your Man as I do my yoga this weekend. Wishing you hours of relaxation and joy. (Negative space has always thrown me. I know what it is, but I always have to stop and mentally think about what it isn’t.) Have fun!!! xoxo


  2. Hi there, this is my first time visiting your blog and I confess that I’ll need to come back when I have a little more time to check it out. I arrived here from the Create Mixed Media site and would love to have the pattern for the little pouch. You’ve also inspired me to start thinking about embellishing and re-purposing old or little used clothing. Of course, I have no time right now, but I have a great light wool unstructured sweater jacket that’s just asking for embellishments to cover up the holes the moths were nice enough to leave. My mantra for that particular item might change to ‘tart it up’ instead of ‘throw it out’!!! LOL!


  3. Now I understand why Jane (Davila) said that quilters don’t know how to use negative space effectively. We see the object (block) without a clear understanding of how to support the block in layers with thread, pattern, color and texture. We tend to use “stitch in the ditch” and “stippling” in those spaces because it’s easy and doesn’t detract from our blocks. This space can be filled with all kinds of amazing things with a little play and practice.



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