Free Webinar!

Webinar Promo from The Clever Guild on Vimeo.

I am teaming up with Create Mixed Media to offer a free webinar to celebrate the release of Dreaming from the Journal Page. Please sign up using this link. The Webinar will be Thursday, April 26th at 1 p.m. All registered participants will receive a recorded transcript that can be listened to and reviewed at your leisure.

See you there!

6 thoughts on “Free Webinar!

  1. Found Dreaming from the Journal Page at the door when I got home from work today. It’s utterly fabulous! I’m headed straight to the studio to try out a new technique. Congratulations on a wonderful, creative, exciting book! Mary


  2. Didn’t know where to leave a comment about the first CMM blog post, but really enjoyed it. Missed you X2 this week, but look forward to seeing everyone together later this month.


  3. Morning Melanie,
    I just signed up for the Webinar and I think I will give the Pouch Purse a try! I just love a free webinar, a sew-along – especially a”mini” – and your new blog looks great too. The new hairstyle is awesome, as well! I am debating, with myself, about what to do with my totally unexpected and unfamiliar long hair. I guess it’s hormonal, as I just turned 50, but I have never been able to grow my hair past my shoulders and this year it has grown way down my back. It tickles my back which is totally new to me! I can actually chew on my hair like my best friend, Mary Beth, did in 3rd grade which I so envied! TMI probably but on my mind this am. Is your hair coming back curlier or darker than familiar to you? Well, it looks cool. See you Thurs.


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