Birds and Fleur de Lis

Carving rubber stamps is my favorite printing technique. For years, I used grey rubber, but when Lisa Chin introduced me to Inovart Eco Carve, I changed loyalties. I did so because, Eco Carve is firmer than the grey stuff, though it carves like butter. The firmness allows for finer lines. Check out this time lapseContinue reading “Birds and Fleur de Lis”

Falling, it’s not all bad

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Melly (@flat_and_fit) So, I took my first outdoor fall off my skates, I fell twice, actually. I did not hurt myself. I was wearing wrist guards, knee pads and my helmet! All geared up. Yeah, it startled me. It hurt momentarily. I do have a bruise,Continue reading “Falling, it’s not all bad”

Fitness and taking up space

I am loving learning to roller skate. I just love it. I want to, one day, feel totally comfortable, on wheels, as if they are my feet. I want to dance on my skates. I want to street skate. Until now, I have been visiting roller skating rinks around the city. The rinks allow meContinue reading “Fitness and taking up space”

Moxi Melly, beginning at the beginning.

Fitness is my love. It is a benefit from being diagnosed with cancer. It is one thing that I can do to instill a benefit, without popping pills. It is fun. It helps keep my weight at a comfortable place. It helps me feel confident and engaged and it helps me feel and know myContinue reading “Moxi Melly, beginning at the beginning.”

Again, again.

A little more than a month ago, I had an exercise accident that derailed my blogging efforts! It certainly took me off my feet! I tore my right calf muscle. I couldn’t walk for close to two weeks! It slowed my art making down, it spiraled into taking a break from everything in my life.Continue reading “Again, again.”

Sometimes Lessons are Re-learned

Over and over again! This week, I continue the journey of swatching a new color triangle, while also printing my most recent textile designs. I have chosen three colors and mixed them in all four gradations. The scissor print you see here is a three color design. The scissor layer was printed using Thermofax screenContinue reading “Sometimes Lessons are Re-learned”

StencilGirl Stencils (a SALE) and The Motif Maker’s Zine

Tomorrow!!! June 20, 21, 22, StencilGirl Products will have a Melanie Testa stencil SALE!!! 21% OFF     Scroll to end of post for the discount code! If you haven’t already bought every stencil in my line, I wanted to let you know, it’s time to make a purchase or two!! I am writing the MotifContinue reading “StencilGirl Stencils (a SALE) and The Motif Maker’s Zine”

The Cancer Journals Revisited

This weekend was the world premiere of The Cancer Journals Revisited, a documentary by Lana Lin, shown at BAM (Brooklyn Arts and Music). I participated in this documentary alongside Shay Sharpe, of Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes, Ericka Hart, Barbara Hammer (who has passed away), and more.  Check out the trailer! The Cancer Journals Revisited centers aContinue reading “The Cancer Journals Revisited”

27 prints, before steam and boil.

This Fleur de Lis pattern is a three color print, utilizing a thermofax screen print for the line drawing, and a two part fun foam stamp set, to print the background and the inside of each Fleur de Lis. I tried to plan out what colors would get printed and where. I tried to adhereContinue reading “27 prints, before steam and boil.”

Fleur de Lis, plus an update

  I am on a new and different life path, it has been a long time in the coming and is a welcome change. I have decided to become a certified personal trainer and to broaden my employment skillset. I have discovered that I love lifting weights and that I love cardiovascular aerobic exercise! WhoContinue reading “Fleur de Lis, plus an update”