My Sew Perfect Table

I really couldn’t be happier with this purchase. It took much consideration to purchase this table.

My machine has been a ragtag mess in the last year. My old table was shaking the machine too much! The lightbulb within the machine burned out, I was busy printing fabrics. So when it came time to use the machine, I realized how difficult it is to sew on a table top.

We live in a tiny New York City apartment. In researching sewing machine tables, I have found that most tables are ‘convertible’, so that you can hide the machine from sight. Most are made with pressboard and aren’t all that aesthetically pleasing. Having bought the same table twice over the last 15 years, I didn’t want to purchase another table that would last 5 years. I know that a convertible table isn’t right for me, I want access to my machine all the time, I don’t care who sees it. I wanted to buy the last sewing machine table.

I decided to purchase an Original Sew Perfect Table. This table is, effectively, an industrial sewing machine table, geared toward the domestic sewing machine. Win!!! This is a table made for a power tool, my Bernina 1001!

I made the assumption this table would be made of pressboard, it isn’t! This table was Made in the U.S.A. and is made of laminated wood. It lends a great deal of stability to my 1001, which runs so much quieter now. At 20×48″ this table provides a bit more space than I was used to previously. It was easy to assemble! We mounted a sewing machine light and its up and running!

I also purchased a new insert, which I am really excited about (but have yet not received). And the reason I am excited? The insert is CLEAR, which means I will be able to see my bobbin casing.

I hadn’t named my sewing machine prior to this, but I am not introducing Miss Mae, the power tool of my most creative moments, mounted in a chariot of my dreams.


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