Prancing Unicorns for sale!

Textile design and motif making are my absolute favorite things to do. While my latest book, Playful Fabric Printing, illuminates how to go about printing in full detail and using many differing tools, it’s focus is more about the tools you need to use -to make- a print. This is why I have begun the Motif Maker’s Zine

Within the pages of the zine, I discuss and unpack how to make your own motifs, how to gather similar ideas together to create a collection of motifs, and also how to use texture and patterning to bring sparkle and depth to your drawn imagery. 

Unicorns, it turns out, are ripe and ready for interpretation as a motif. I had little idea how much lore and fantasy surround unicorns. But once I began researching them, I fell in love with them. For instance, why, when entering a forest of known unicorn habitation, must you carry pinking sheers? What do soft serve ice cream or gumball machines have to do with unicorns? hmmm.

The zine format allows me to discuss this extensive research with you! Each zine is 16 pages, is hand drawn and illustrated and each has a beautiful centerfold. This is a creative jumpstart for the home studio and surface design artist!

This deep dive into motif making spurred the creation of hand printed hankiesunicorn T-shirts, prints and more. I am hoping you might gift yourself some Melly made items today! Please check out my Etsy!

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