Mask making for you and Essential Workers!

Four weeks ago, I was let go from my job as an Arts & Craft Specialist for a local after school program. Covid_19 has arrived and New York City is in lockdown. I have time on my hands and am in need of serious distraction.  

Being a creative person who likes to make things to occupy my time, I began making cloth masks. As I did so, I noticed that my best friend, an Essential Worker, working in a mental health facility, was not being properly supplied with protective gear. My awareness of this need grew when a therapist I know told me she was exposed to Coronavirus in a session. Then my friend, Stacey a mental health care worker and organizer of Flat Retreat, did a jig on Facebook, in a mask, which I had heard, were being rationed by her employer. And I realized, mental health care workers need masks too. 

So, I set out to make masks for those people that I could. So far, I have mailed out 90 masks and I am now receiving requests for even more!

After receiving some of my masks, my friend Stacey wanted to make sure that I could continue to make and mail masks to those in need, so she set up a Go Fund Me, to enable my mask making endeavor. Now, I am requesting your help, by way of monetary donation. 

These masks are made to fit over N95 masks, prolonging their efficacy. Cloth masks are recommended for use by the general population by the Center for Disease Control  in controlling the spread of Covid-19. Please inform yourself as to the benefit and limits of cloth masks. Here is an article titled, How NOT to Wear a Mask. And here is a User’s Guide to Face Masks

Please enable me to make masks and distribute these masks.  

When you make a donation, let me know if you need #MellyMasks for yourself or if you would like to supply masks to Essential Workers-or both! Please donate extra money, so that I can make and give masks to the Essential Workers I rely on each day. If you would like to arrange for shipping outside of the U.S., please comment. If you cannot afford a masks, but would like them, please comment. I will do what I can to ensure each person can get a mask.

1 mask 18$ (1 mask and flat rate USPS shipping envelope) each additional mask, 10$ each. So, 6 masks 68$ This is a ballpark figure, to give you an idea on pricing, it isn’t set in stone.

Mask making keeps me indoors and focused on working for the greater good! Living in New York City is not easy right now! So far, I have made and mailed 90 masks. I have 140 masks cut and ready to be sewn. Some are John Deere fabrics!!! I function better when I am driven to an end. Right now? I want masks on everyone I see.

I plan to food shop this week, with the intent to donate 24 masks to my local Whole Foods. Last time we shopped, I saw so many employees with NO masks. If I can bridge that gap? I want to! I am lucky enough to be able to stay home and I have both the skill and the time to make masks and help others. 

Thank you for helping me fund this endeavor!! Thank you for keeping me busy and in a few boxes of pasta, while trying to make a greater difference!! Let’s spread color and good care to the faces of all who contribute and beyond! If you receive masks from me, please post a selfie with the hashtag #MellyMasks and show me your mask wearing mug!!

If you would like to donate cloth, please comment. I prefer yardage, 1.5 yard cuts of quilters cotton, if possible. 

Please, help me get these masks onto the faces of the Essential Workers in my orbit.


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