Inspired Journaling


Make no mistake, I love keeping a journal. I have years worth of journals, some with spines broken, some half filled, some with every page painted. I keep no specific rules about my journals, if I don’t like a drawing or spread, I feel no compunction to keeping it for posterity or the ability to prove to myself that I have grown in talent or skill.


I paint over that stuff! They are my books, it’s my time, they are my supplies. 


Sometimes, I gather items together with no plan about how I might use them. This page began in this manner. When going through my ephemera, I came across a hand typed page with the date, July 2, 1937 on it. A quick trip into the land of internet showed me that Amelia Earhart went missing on this -same day-. I have always admired Amelia for her unconventional nature and beauty, it was an exciting connection to tuck into and explore visually.


And sometimes, I just want to play around with a page, see where it goes without focus or a will to make the page balanced, composed, or meaningful in any way. These pages are like a stew of All-The-Things! Scribbling, stencil use, written words, playful patterning all contribute to completing the page.This type page will often help me open up to new methods of using the same old tools.


This page is a complete and total cover up!! Twice over! I like to daydream about what a forensic restoration artist would find, were they to dig deeply into my journals and paintings. But I already know. They would find drawings under paintings, under collage with some more paint on top. 

This page must have been awful, originally, because I first collaged newsprint, then boldly applied black paint atop that. I remember thinking, ‘where do I go from here!’ Well, when using acrylic paints, the sky is the limit! All the while, Arrow, my cat at the time, was putting his glamour on. It was easy to ascertain my subject matter from there!


And you know? Sometimes, I just draw! Because it feels good. Because I need something to do. Because I like to. 

When I am creatively stymied, looking through my journals helps to bolster and shift my perspective. Some journal pages serve to inform new pieces of art. Some help me create new motifs. Some are studies for larger works. Others are just crappy meanderings in the funk of my brain. And that is OK! So long as I pick up the latest journal and continue to get ideas on the page.

Interested in learning from me and with me? I have 8 spots left in my Inspired Journaling class at Craft Napa.  😛 

5 thoughts on “Inspired Journaling

  1. Oh my goodness. I love seeing photos of your journal pages. Every year I say I’m going to start my day with journaling and then something upsets the apple cart and the book stays blank. We are staying home this holiday season. I am hoping that I can spend the last two weeks of December and the New Year indulging in me. That means getting out sketchbooks, reading about Beatrix Potter, Tasha Tudor, Bertha Colbert, and other female illustrators. I want 2017 to be the year of exploration. All those things I have wanted to try – etching, printing, acrylics, oil pastels, basically every aisle in Dick Blicks. Your book started the itch to explore and now it is time to scratch it. (That does sound gross, doesn’t it? LOL!) Wishing you, your Man, and Miss Peach a wonderful weekend. I am harvesting my first crop of catnip and thinking of Arrow. xoxo


  2. inspiring post! i’m wishing there was an online workshop I could come to because France is really quite a distance to come over to you in person (but how I would love to!)


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