Teaching: Focus on Fiber Florida Style

I am very happy to say, I have been invited to teach two classes and give a lecture at Focus on Fiber Florida Style.

My first class is called, Monoprint, Resist and Stamp: A Vibrant Still Life. This class is based on my Live your Brightest Life contribution to Yvonne Porcella’s tribute of the same name. While this may look complex, the class will break down the steps necessary to build and layer similar imagery while utilizing mono-printing, freezer paper resist and stamping methods together with Procion MX dyes.

And here is my finished tribute, to show what you might do with your printed works! 


My second class is called You Can’t Resist This! and is a class that combines soy wax resist with the use of Procion MX dyes. This class is my most popular class, especially when I teach it with dyes. Soy wax is a great resist, easy to wash out, it’s inexpensive and provides great result! 


I will be giving a lecture on what it takes to present a craft book proposal too!

I have only heard good things about this retreat. The facility is supposed to be great, the food gets positive reviews and they bring some pretty great teachers together. I do hope you will sign up!


I need a little help getting the word out about this, so I am going to do a give-away!!! Maybe you or someone you know would like to take a class with me, maybe you have friends who live in or near Florida, or who might travel with you to attend the class!  I would love to work with you. And your friends.

This is a two step sign up:

1. Please share the link to THIS post to Facebook AND tag me in the body of the post.

2. Please leave a comment to this post too.

and well, here is what I would like to give away:


6 pieces of Melly Prints! These are 9×11″ (or so) and all are original handprints! Please share and comment!

6 thoughts on “Teaching: Focus on Fiber Florida Style

  1. I love your tribute to Yvonne. She would have loved it. I am hoping my cousin or 2nd cousin will sign up. I sent them the info. They are in Boca Raton, so I don’t know if they will travel. It looks like a fabulous retreat. Here is hoping that you have a waiting list and pre-orders for your new book. xoxo


    1. Boca Raton is only hours away from New Symrna Beach – just take I95 North! I go down there for the great thrift shops and burgers from that famous burger place…I can find it when I get there but don’t remember the name. Anyway, Focus on Fiber is full of fun folks from around the US and Canada….and we build new friendships that keep growing. Please come with your cousins! Great reunion spot!


  2. You will love being at Focus on Fiber…it is heaven on earth for textiles artists! Last year was my first time, took class with Judy Coates Perez, and I still glow when I think of the fun and learning and friendship. Going back again in the Spring…looking forward to meeting you there, Melanie!


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