Playful Fabric Printing Cover Partay!


Playful Fabric Printing is going to be available in less than 2 months time! #PlayfulFabricPrinting 


Carol and I have been working hard to ensure the techniques we present are ready to go when you get this hot title in your hands. 

I have to say, this has been an exciting time, creatively. I have loved learning to use our process to print fabrics for use in quilts and quilt tops! Usable, functional hand-printed quilts! I have been designing, printing, piecing and quilting up a storm, in these last months. I am ready to begin sharing these works with you.

I say this with nerve wracking excitement.  I love what we are about to unleash. This book, this offering has been coming to fruition for such a long while and I am amazed it is coming to life! We are amazed.

This is the first coauthored book I have worked on. I can confidently say, Carol and I are really excited about -the whole shebang-.

For the record, here on my blog, I will speak just for myself, not both Carol and I. Unless it is generalized as above. Carol will be updating her blog , so please keep checking there too. I could not have done this book without Carol. We really worked diligently to curate the pages of Playful Fabric Printing. We worked like mad scientists, really. We could even say this book was written by way of FaceTime! I am ever grateful to you, Carol. I think we’ve done great. Thank you for working with me to present this title.


In a nutshell, we have broken down the multicolor print process to such a degree as to assure your success in using Procion MX dye and printing colorful fabrics, easily! We use easily obtained art supplies; carving rubber, fun foam stamps, stencils and Thermofax screen printing, some quick and easy textural explorations and more. We wrap it up with a gallery of stunning quilts. This is so exciting. 

I will be setting up a Thermofax Screen Print service accessed through in the next month and more!

I will dust the web site off too. And as ever, The Clever Guild will open soon!!! I promise. I have been working as fast as I can. My email from The Clever Guild is broken, and I -just- figured this out. I need to tighten up the ship over here! Please excuse me as I fix and primp.

I have so many great initiatives in the works!! I really look forward to unpacking all the awesome things I have been working to bring to fruition. I hope you are interested!! Please let’s begin using the comments function here on my blog. I would like to keep my blog active and social media secondary to it. 🙂


This jewel of a photo was stylized by Pokey and Indigo Perez. I love the vision of this grouping of fabrics. This would make for a very pleasing group of fabrics to both piece and quilt! It’s total eye candy.

Pokey Bolton has a new look and domain name to her personal website. AND!

Today she launched a cover contest for Playful Fabric Printing. Do not pass go! Vote! OH. Pokey will be giving 5 copies away, so make sure to leave a comment on her blog!.

2 thoughts on “Playful Fabric Printing Cover Partay!

  1. So much goodness here! I am over the moon excited for you and Carol. But, I have to admit, I am excited for me, too. (How many commas can I fit in one sentence? LOL!) I have been hoping the Clever Guild would re-open. Some of my best work and personal growth has evolved through your classes and I am beyond ready for some more. Have a beautiful weekend, Melly! xoxo


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