Playful Fabric Printing

All the work we have been putting in is coming to fruition! My coauthored book with Carol Soderlund has a name, Playful Fabric Printing, and release date (January 10, 2017!!! With the ability to preorder soon), I am in Houston hoping to find editorial placement for what feels like a boatload of goods. In true quilterly fashion, I went to the NYC Metro Mod Quilt guild and asked my fellow members to help me make quilt tops from my hand prints. I am so grateful!

I have also been busy making my handprints into quilts! In the last two years, since we started writing Playful Fabric Printing, I have accrued quite a lot of printed cloth. And why print cloth, if you don’t make something out of it! In preparing for Quilt Market my main goal in quilt making was to show how to combine hand printed cloth with commercially available fabrics. Above you see Leslie Tucker Jenison’s Urban Artifacts line combined with my prints. Of course Leslie’s new line goes well with my handprints! They both have a fabulous painterly feel.

And I am really happy that the Genderless Fae Quilt is complete!

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