Gathering my wits.


I think I may have started this Gather your Sew-plies purse in 2012. This purse was made using this pattern (I call this Pattern #1), it is constructed differently than the pattern that was published in Quilting Arts Holiday 2014, (which I call Pattern #2). There will be an updated pattern coming out soon (Pattern #3), and I do hope you are interested in the upcoming changes.   😛 


Back in 2012, I stitched the pink in the negative space, a scrolling flair with daisies.  When I got bored of stitching the scrolls, I began sewing a grid, also in the pink. Then, I put it down. The pink stitch work had taken a while, I had fallen in love with it, but I knew the design was unfinished and that I wanted to push it further.

I just did not know how.


This week, after finishing the graffiti stitch Gather your Sew-plies purse, seen in this video (it’s from the post before this one). I took out this older purse ‘start’ and I could immediately see what I wanted to do. I could see these little green stitches, stacking up to color the negative space.

Stitch work is such a quiet and centering activity. Working, one stitch at a time really clears the mind of all activity. I bask in the quiet and apply myself to the task. It feels so good, like reading a great book whose characters are friends, anticipated, hoped for, at each turn of the page, the story unfolds like the glittering gems of a sunny day at the beach. Hearing the needle puncture the cloth, seeing the color of the fabric stitch and change as the stitches stack up is a blessing.


 Just so you know, I am updating The Clever Guild, my teaching site. The first class offered will be free, and will demonstrate making your own Gather your Sew-plies!! purse using a new and updated pattern. After which I will release my first offering, Journal Stitch. Please stay tuned for more information. I really hope you are interested. 

I have had several people write to ask me to teach soy wax resist with paint. While I was at Craft NAPA, several students asked me to teach a course about color, and another about composition. If you have a specific idea about what you might like to learn from me, I would like to hear about it. Would you be interested in a class using Procion MX dyes? Thickened dye? Thread dyeing? What? Please leave a comment.

7 thoughts on “Gathering my wits.

  1. I am not a “pink” person. I had it shoved down my throat as a child – bedroom, clothes, etc. That said, I love your pink sewplies. The pattern is so interesting, blooming and the aqua accents are gorgeous. I am so excited about the Creative Guild. I have taken other classes online since we last met in the Clever Guild. Drawing, painting, colored pencil drawing, and mixed media journaling. Yet, I keep seeing my little stitchbook from the journal class. I pick it up and recall what inspired each page and how much I loved it. I have stretched and challenged myself, but my heart and soul are happiest when I am with cloth. I’d love a class on thickened dye, dyeing with MX is good too. I’d also love to learn about layer pattern either with stencil/stamps/screens. Of course, any stitch class has my heart skipping a beat. I’m with you regardless of what you teach. Well, except how to make Kale chips. I still can’t stand them. LOL! xoxo


  2. I’m looking forward to your new sewplies pattern. I swore I was going to make one when you published the pattern in QA and it just never happened. 😦 I need to do it this time!


  3. As a fiber artist I’m looking for ways to develop my style/voice. Most techniques I have down. I’d like to develop my use of the sketchbook for ideas and I’m interested in learning to layer images on cloth and then add stitch.


  4. I love what you’re doing and I learned from you how calming it is to sit down and stitch…on some occasions “on the go” stitching! I learn here how to use the negative space. Sometimes I don’t know where I am going with the design so it’s a slow process which should result in making a pouch as you showed in the previous post. Just from looking at the videos (several times now) I learn a great deal and the rest I fill it in with my own imagination. The choice of your fabrics are so wonderful…I make do with what I have so the result is not perfect….
    Thank you for sharing.


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