Gather your Sew-plies!! Part 3 and beyond!

The Gather your Sew-plies series continues with this video start, part 3. Above.

Intro, Click Here. Youtube VIDEO Content.

Part 1, Click Here. Youtube VIDEO Content.

Part 2, Click Here. Youtube VIDEO Content.

Pattern found in Quilting Arts Holiday 2014

Above links embedded in similar order:

and also: 

and then, Part 1:

Part 2

Phew. Are you still with me?

I have added more video content to the Gather your Sew-plies!! purse series! In the next few weeks, I am going to be updating my blog with post about stitch, acquiring inspiration for stitch, thread and needles. I will talk about building and sewing Thimble Pockets, Scissor Pockets and Straps.

I hope you will follow along.

I have hit a snag in teaching through The Clever Guild, please stay tuned on that account. It is coming together. Just slower than I would like.

So, will you follow along? I would love it if you did. Stay tuned here, at my blog!

For Christmas, I was given a set of Personal Training sessions.  😀 Haha!!

I chose a young woman, a really neat person, to organize my training for the next few weeks.  My overarching goal is 10 Pull Ups and 10 Push Ups.  An underlying goal is to efficiently and proficiently perform the Get Glutes program that I am now a member of. Since joining the gym, I have moved right into the hugely supportive community, forums and group run by Get Glutes; Kellie Hart-Davis and clan.

I love the Get Glutes members. Love checking in and getting inspired by my fella friends in glutes! I love lifting heavy and learning to use my body. 


And, my goodness, every push-up and pull-up is so hard won!! Winning accomplishments in the use of my body is very exciting to me. I admire those who pump out a bunch of push-ups! I am getting there. (I jumped rope for 140 consecutive jumps!!) And cable rowed 32.5 pounds this week!! I am becoming a gym bunny! 🙂 

4 thoughts on “Gather your Sew-plies!! Part 3 and beyond!

  1. Gathering up my supplies! Did you know that at one time I could do 50 push ups and I could do 10 one arm push ups on each side? Then my body went weird. I can still do a couple push ups, but my spaghetti muscles don’t like it. Pull ups – ugh! I always look like I am trying to ride an invisable bicycle as I wriggle my body up. LOL! I admire your determination to scupt your body with muscle. Have fun!!!!!! xo


  2. Good for you on your fitness goals! I’m a regular at our gym’s Silver Sneakers classes, and love how much I can do in spite of my “advancing years”! We even have a couple of ladies who are in their 90’s still going strong! My goal is to keep doing as much as I can for as long as I can, and have fun doing it… sounds like you’re on that path too, and I’m glad!


  3. Pull ups… I remember when I could do those. I work out, but I can’t do pull ups anymore. Maybe I should set that as a goal. I had rotator cuff surgery and it took almost 2 years of physical therapy before I could do all my exercises again. I lost a lot of muscle mass during that time. Older age is a challenge.
    I watched your YouTube Sew Plies videos. The directions are very clear and you make it look fun and I’m looking forward to starting. I’m going to try to do it all by hand since I plan on having the young girls I work with at the Boys and Girls Club make small purses and they don’t have sewing machines. I’m going to wait until you have the next set of videos up and then I’ll start.


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