Gathering my color.


The Gather your Sew-plies!! purse is just the right size to stitch, explore and complete. It is 6″ wide and 14″ long and given how it folds to make the purse, that can mean that you can stitch just the front area, making the stitchable area 6×7″ or so.

Of course, I like to stitch the entire purse.

The above blank, which is what I call these before they are heavily stitched, is a combo of my own quilted work and some previously stitched Indian cloth (at least that is what I think). The colors are rich and compatible. I seek to amp up the textural element, meaning my stitchwork, to integrate the Indian cloth with my own quilted fabric and soften the difference between the two. I may need some new thread colors…


You may remember that Carol Soderlund and I collaborated on an article called Thread Dyeing 101 for Quilting Arts magazine last year. In the article we took two approaches to dyeing thread, we offered a color wheel, solid dye approach and a more fluid and playful manner of dyeing threads too.


And while I think this thread is a bit bright for my current piece, I do like having all my threads ready to be used and accessible. Getting these floss off the StitchBow makes me want to wind some new hanks and dye some more thread in appropriate colors! I would love to have some browns, beiges, tans and soft, earthy colors in my thread stash!

3 thoughts on “Gathering my color.

  1. I remember that article. And seeing photos from that has inspired me to, of all things, organize my flosses this morning. About half are hand dyed. Currently they are kept in ziplock bags by color but I like your case idea. Love your stitch embellishment off your sew plies purses.


  2. I treasure my dyed floss that I made in your class. Each time I use it, I remember. That said, I am running out of some colors. There is a huge spool of DMC waiting to be used and hanks of silk tempting me. I love the colors in the sew-plies blank above. Not what I am usually drawn to, but on a gray day in February, they speak to me of sunshine and warmer days. xo


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