Gather your Sew-plies!! Part 3 and beyond!

The Gather your Sew-plies series continues with this video start, part 3. Above. Intro, Click Here. Youtube VIDEO Content. Part 1, Click Here. Youtube VIDEO Content. Part 2, Click Here. Youtube VIDEO Content. Pattern found in Quilting Arts Holiday 2014 Above links embedded in similar order: and also:  and then, Part 1: Part 2 Phew. Are youContinue reading “Gather your Sew-plies!! Part 3 and beyond!”

Let the Sew-along begin.

Above you see a quilt sandwich, a scissor pocket and two tabs which will hold the strap in place. We will be making a quilt sandwich that is big enough to cut all of these pieces, in addition to a thimble pocket. The pattern in Quilting Arts Holiday magazine states to cut your quilt sandwichContinue reading “Let the Sew-along begin.”