Iron Body Melly


Lifting, using kettle bells, exercise is very important to me. Just three years ago, I had little or no knowledge of how to workout, what good form was, what exercises to pair together, nothing. I researched my options, evaluated my personality and decided online training services were the best option for me. I like training at home, I want to learn, I am uninterested in commercial gyms and at the moment, I cannot afford a private gym. So, online training is a great option for me.

When Artemis of Iron Body Studios told me that she and her partner Eric were teaming up with to offer an online training platform, I signed on. What this means is, monthly a program in three skill levels is uploaded to the site with supportive video content, the service is a monthly subscription. The site can be used to track your progress, there is a forum to ask questions and there is a social networking aspect to the site as well. Most folks would probably take this program to their gym, but I choose to workout at home, so I purchase kettle bells and equipment as needed.

Each month, when the new program rolls out, I begin my studies. I take out a light kettle bell and I watch the new videos, trying out the new movements needed to progress to the new program. You can see, I am practicing while drinking coffee! Coffee and kettle bells! Nothing wrong with that.

I have used few online training platforms and services, I learned from them, loved working with the different people involved, but none of them were quite as good a fit as this. The instructional videos that Iron Body Studios puts out are concise, focused and professional. In the above photograph, I am practicing the ‘Clean to Press’. I watch the videos while mirroring the movements I am being taught. This works so well for me that when I jump in and do a full workout, I hear Eric and Artemis’s form encouragements at each stage of the movement pattern I am working. 

Sometimes when I tell friends and family that I participate in online training, they are baffled as to how it works. It is pretty easy, it is lots of fun. And best of all, it is really empowering. I love learning and I am glad to have found this great resource. 

Oh, and Artemis just put out a post on the Clean. Eric and Artemis know how to put the knowledge bombs out there!

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