Swinging and lifting, I feel good.


This year I needed to put my plate weights in storage, they were smelly and my landlord asked for me to address the problem. I did. This action reverberated and made me reevaluate my workout abilities and needs. I chose to move back to using kettlebells, which I have a small collection of. This change also made me change the online workout program I was committed to. I am really happy to say that I found Artemis Scantalides, Iron Body Studios and their online workout program though Weighttraining.com.


I have been working to inform myself on programing and good form with the goal of creating a sustainable, enjoyable, workout program that I gladly commit to. In the above photo you see my Jungle Gym XT and my ragtag array of kettlebells.

I love working out. I appreciate the strength and confidence that lifting and swinging kettlebells offers me. I like feeling my glutes activate while walking. I love the way my body looks. I appreciate that lifting has the effect of making me want to eat the best I possibly can. I also really appreciate that it helps burn fat. 


So, when Artemis and Eric came to NYC to give a workshop on using kettlebells, I signed both David and I up. David has been watching my interest in lifting with, at first, hesitation, then with interest and now, he begins to think that perhaps lifting will help him build his core muscles up to such a degree that he can do the exercise he loves, running. (Evil grin on my part!). Either way, I love the above photo where you can see David’s hand resting on my shoulder and all of our big grins!


Artemis gave me some swing corrections during the workshop, which has inspired me to join her Holiday Swing Challenge. I started doing it today, in addition to my regular workout. I seek to improve my swing.  I am jazzed about working with these folks.

One thought on “Swinging and lifting, I feel good.

  1. I am in deep envy. There is no greater feeling than of your body responding to activity. To hear your heart beat, muscles contract, food tastes good because it is good for you. Keep it up, Melly!!!! I have women in my life that are 15-30 years older. They are my mirrors. In mirror #1, the example of a sedentary lifestyle – getting out of a chair is difficult, walking is difficult, negativity reigns. Mirror #2 (which also include the oldest women) the women don’t bound out of a chair, but they move with ease. They are the first out the door for an adventure, their glass is always full, they exude positive energy, and they love life. I watch and learn. I will do everything in my power to stay in the #2 group. Reading of your experience gives me the courage to seek out a venue that will work for me. I miss feeling my body happy. (I love that David is joining you. We have to keep our men strong, too.) xoxoxo


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