Lynn K and her new line of stencils, a Blog Hop!


I am really happy to be a part of Lynn Krawczyk’s Blog Hop announcing her upcoming line of stencils called ‘Marked’ by Artistcellar. While I wish I could have found my own set of Lynn’s stencils to play around and make some samples for you, moving and time constraints have gotten the better of me.

What I can tell you is this, I have long admired Lynn and have both been able to support, mentor and be mentored by Lynn. You may also remember that I reviewed a copy of Lynn’s book, here. The fact that Lynn was able to get a line of stencils with her name on it does not surprise me. Lynn knows how to print and layer cloth effectively and having a line of stencils is an extension of her commitment to printing cloth as well as her love and exuberance in being a surface design artist.

When I want to Quilt Market this last May, Lynn and I met up several times, she made an appearance in this video, I am happy to say I was able to get a signed copy of Lynn’s book, Intentional Printing, as she was doing an author signing in the Interweave booth, but I am happier still that Lynn stopped by my Windham booth where I had set up a studio to print and entice folks to get to know me and how I went about designing Meadowlark.

Lynn and I spent time talking and Lynn printed with dye using my tools, while I printed with dye using her stencils. As you may know, Lynn’s preferred media is paint, so having her in my booth, using the media I know and love was a special treat for me. More than anything else, I love having friends use my tools. I can only imagine what it might be like for Lynn to be releasing a line of stencils, and wondering how you might use them…

The participants in this blog hop are listed by order of date posted and one lucky commenter on each post in the hop will win a set of Lynn’s stencils, so please post comments on every post possible! I will choose a winner from my blog hopping post one week from today on July 6.

June 28th – Lisa Cousineau –
June 29th – Melanie Testa  –
June 30th – Lisa Chin –
July 2nd – Belinda Spiwak
July 3rd – Kristin LaFlamme –
July 4th – Ingrid Dijkers –
July 5th – Guadalupe Cabal –

July 6th – Lynn Krawczyk –

42 thoughts on “Lynn K and her new line of stencils, a Blog Hop!

  1. Nothing better than artists sharing and supporting one another and this is the best! Love reading about market and seeing everyone you met and they met you..and now this wonderful collaboration and another blog hop! Awesome, I’m in, big time… and visiting and loving this one, as well! So much fun!!!


  2. Wouldn’t it be fun to do a tag team event? Start off with a white piece of cloth, one person does her/his thing, then passes it off to the next – mixing media, techniques, ideas.


  3. I’ve just begun gelli printing and Lynn’s delightful (what else would they be?) stencils would be quite the treat.


  4. Love these mark making tools which not only are a great fit with Lynn’s new book, but both of your books too Melanie, which I continue to use and enjoy!


  5. Well, another wonderful hop! Love these stencils and Lynn’s book. I just got your book today Melly. Love it. Between the two books I should be able to plan some fun art projects. If only my sewing machine worked better!


  6. Love the versatility and range of projects I am seeing made with this new line of stencils. Hope to get my painty paws on a set!


  7. Her stencils look really beautiful, thank you for speaking so well about your friend and introducing her and her great stencils. I’d love winning a set of them. 🙂 Have a lovely week-end, wishes from France, Coco


  8. WOW love the set of Lynn Krawczyk’s “Marked” stencils, I hope your settled soon and can dive into using them. Thanks for the chance to win…. They are as cool as the fireworks I saw last night in Lacrosse. Wi….. Drove over fifty miles to get there, but was worth it. I have a baby moleskine calendar journal with fold in pages I added. The stencils would work great.


  9. Lovin this hop. I am in the middle of painting some fabric. It would be fun to play with these stencils. Thanks for the chance to win


  10. How cool that you got to meet her! I always love things even more when I get a chance to talk to who created it and hear about their inspiration. Thanks for doing a giveaway!


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