Winners announced.


Before I announce the winners from the Meadowlark Blog Hop Winners off my own web site, I would like to talk about moving. Please pardon me while I prattle on.

David and I moved to Brooklyn 5.5 years ago, renting an apartment not far from where I live now. Many things happened during this time. Soon after arriving our beautiful cat Monk passed away. Within a year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and signed a contract to write Dreaming from the Journal Page. Three years after that, Arrow passed away, feline keeper of my heart that he was. So, as you can imagine, these events were pretty major for both David and I. That apartment served us quite well, contained our tears, growth, love, friendships and supported my efforts to move myself forward creatively to create a portfolio, get a fabric line and sssshh… (write another book). 🙂 But I can’t talk about that yet. 🙂

I did not allow the amount of space in that apartment to hold me back creatively. I made a rule that I would be tidy. I would not gripe about needing to put things away and take them out each time I wanted to create. I made it work. The above photo is a testament to making it work, all that dirt that left a ‘resis’t of dirt and shows a smear of dye was left after taking down a punched tin switch plate that we put up. It was the plate that turned the bathroom light on. I washed all my dye items in the bathtub over the last 5+ years… (I bet some of you might think this a bit gross and I apologize if that is the case)


And now we have moved into an apartment that is a bit smaller. Crazy, I know. I am setting up shop here and I must say, this set up is even less conducive to my preferred medium of Procion MX dye. Of all the studios I have ever had, this is the least among them. If I could afford to, this would be a great time to rent studio space. But alas, I cannot. So it is again time to have a talk with myself about having a good attitude and making this ‘studio’ work for me. 

I often hear comments from students and blog readers that they cannot work with dye because they do not have space. I chuckle inside when I hear this type comment, I try not to comment about it because I know I am car-cra. I bet I will end up loving this space too, as I have every other creative space I have been able to conjure. I am not feeling it yet, but I am willing. I do remember the first sewing machine I got, the corner I was able to take up, the first bathtub I washed dye out in, the first studio I was able to create, and all the different types of creative space I have been able to maintain.

Really, all I really care about is being able to make things, so not having space, taking up too much space in our home, is just a side effect of honoring the artist within me. I am grateful that I have a good man, I am grateful that my art comes first, I am grateful for all the hours in all the spaces I have called a studio. Without them, I would not be where I am today and this is pretty darned good, if you ask me.

I will post pictures once all of our boxes are cleared. As you can imagine, my inner OCD neat freak is in panic mode right now, but I keep soothing that part of me, and telling myself it will all come together soon.. And in the meantime? I will keep on making things. No matter what.


Now for the winners of Fat Stacks of the Meadowlark line! There were three posts on my blog, so three people will win Fat Stacks of fabric and one will win a copy of Dreaming from the Journal Page. I am also going to give away two more books randomly off the other blog hop posts (please be a little patient as I try to find the books I am giving away. I know I saw that box recently). Thank you for hopping, commenting, and following along. 

The winner off my blog post, Meadowlark Blog Hop Giveaway is TX Creatrix. Please check your gmail account and send me you snail mail address, ASAP.

The winner of Jacqui’s post, ‘Jacqui Holmes Calhoun on Meadowlark’, is Jane Howie. Please check your email and tell me where to ship your fabric.

The winner of Helen’s post, Confessions of an Alleged Quilter is Diane Miller, I have sent an email off, please check you inbox and send me your snail mail addy.

A randomly chosen commenter, named Andy won a copy of Dreaming from the Journal Page and a charm pack of Meadowlark. Please check your email and  send me a snail mail address.

Two more book winners will be announced just as soon as I figure out which blog posts among the hop had the most comments.

Congratulations to all for being such a support and for leaving great comments about the line and my sample teams efforts to show it off!


14 thoughts on “Winners announced.

  1. Congrats to the winners of your blog hop. I hope you are able to tame the panic mode of neat freak in your soul while you organize your new home. I cannot wait to see pictures. And any good pointers on how to organize a small studio would be so helpful. Take care!


  2. Ha! I knew it! Another book coming up. Yay! Congratulations to you, and to the rest of us who are going to get another one of your books. And please blog about how you set up your workspace and routines in a new and even smaller space. I for one need tips and inspiration. Again, great news about the book. I’m looking forward to more details when the secrets are unveiled. 🙂


  3. Wishing you much happiness and creativity in your new space! As someone who has plenty of room to spread out and splash, I don’t manage to do any dyeing or printing because I can’t figure out how to do it without making a mess. Or at least that’s my excuse. Yet you managed to design, print and create an entire line of fabric in an apartment in Brooklyn! Congrats on the new book… and do blog about setting up your workspace.


  4. Melanie- Prattling is godd. It always helps me to center myself? You are a creative inspiration. I have my creative space at home nearly cleaned up. I now, after having had our place on Martha’s Vineyard for nine years, want to set up a designated space for creating.
    Congratulations to all of the winners!


  5. For my current situation I am grateful for a space that is studio with a daybed for a grandchild or friend visit. The space for printing and stamping is being created simply with a drop down small desk/table – no excuses for not taking our the inks and paints because the dining table is ready for a visitor to share a meal – and I am getting the eco-dyeing process place set-up in the yard near my bee-friendly sunflower garden. Doing something with dye in the winter is not a current plan, but who knows where the roads will lead. Just having a great table for cutting out cloth for art work and for clothing making, a sewing machine that looks at a western sky, a closet and a corner neatly stacked tubs of cloth, a cabinet with threads and paint, a daybed to stretch out tired legs and sketch ideas or write a poem….this small, compact place is the perfection of being just right for me.
    I look forward to seeing your new studio space; your orderly, workable space for creating has always been an inspiration to me. Much good fortune in your art career as you unpack, organize and continue on the beautiful journey of creating art.


  6. Congratulations to the winners! You really made your space work last time and I’m sure you will find a way in the new space too. Enjoy the process of setting up and I look forward to seeing pictures of your new digs!!!


  7. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! Melly, I really enjoyed this blog hop. There were so many new to me bloggers and inspiring goodness that I spent one raining afternoon reading. 🙂 I know your new space will become a wonderful nest because you have all the ingredients to make it so ~ a good heart, a loving support system, and of course, a cat. You taught me that it doesn’t matter the amount of space you have o make art as long as you make art. My bungalow is being used as sleeping quarters right now, but anytime you want to use it or the outdoor dye studio, come on out! You can spend as much time all to yourself you wish. Heck, I’d even cook you dinner. 🙂 Be happy and have fun nesting!


  8. Congratulations to the winners! Congratulations on a new nesting space to be creative in and having such a good attitude towards change! Congratulations on being a survivor of cancer and generously sharing what that was like to help others! Congratulations on your new seed, that book that is coming! Congratulations on picking a good man to share your life with! Congratulations for being such a great cat partner, that takes a very special kind of love. Congratulations on your new fabric line! So when you are dipping into a low during the move (these are hard work inside and outside) read this because your blessings are in each congratulations above! Good luck in all your new endeavors! And thank you for your generous spirit, I’ve learned a lot from you and been inspired many times. I am awaiting fabric to make that table runner and my kitchen curtain. I can’t wait to hold some in my hands and stitch on it.


  9. Super timely post for me as I get ready to move my family onto a boat. It’s a big boat, true, but still very much smaller than the house I live in now. I have a dedicated room here as my studio and in the laundry I have a huge stainless steel bench. I won’t have any of that in the boat. But you’ve just galvanised me – I’m going to make it work and I won’t let it hold me back creatively. In fact, I’m going to use the challenge of less space to help me focus and work smarter! Thanks! And congrats to all your winners.


  10. The dye rinsing in the bat tub doesn’t gross me out at all. You’re not eating out of it.your apartment looks so sweet. You have such a talent for art and creating that it will not stop you. I’m sure the fact that your OCD helps keep it organized at least.
    I don’t dye much and I do have room, but I confess to just being lazy. It’s easier to pick up brush and paint.
    Keep doing what you’re doing! I love your books. Can’t wait for the next one and look forward to finding some of your fabrics.


  11. A thoughtful and thought-filled post. You said it all very well. And I know in my heart that your conjuring is an impressive thing and I know that the day will come when you get that dedicated studio. Until then, it truly is about our seeing just how much you do …with your life, with your gifts, with your art, and will your man and Peach by your side. It will all come together for all things worth waiting for do take a bit of time. Thank you for sharing you and congratulations to all of the wonderful winners.


  12. Whenever I consider the size of studio space, I think of Ruth McDowell and the amazing work (and often very large pieces) she created in her small, small studio all the while raising two very creative daughters.


  13. Congratulations to all the winners – I really enjoyed visiting all the new blogs (Chrissie I have been following for some time though) and meeting some new bloggers. I too work from a tiny space which I strive to keep tidy and I too love procion dyes. But here in rural France we have a fosse septique so none of my dye is allowed any where near it. All my dye water gets thrown up the drive where it can do no harm. I must say it has not held me back! Good luck with your fabric range – I would love to get hold of some if I can and your book sounds like just my sort of thing too so I shall look out for it. Good luck in your new apartment. xx


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