General rambling, + winner announcement.


It has been a rough ride these last few weeks. A roller coaster, really. It is taking focus and drive to stay above the ‘frustrated fray’. Luckily, there is a new hand made ice cream store, open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and they have Muscavado Brown Sugar Caramel ice cream.

I mean, that makes everything better.


I have been studiously working to make this a viable creative space. I know the photos is blurry, pardon me on that. My thoughts and feelings for this creative space are somewhat blurry as well. It really is time for me to rent a studio away from home but monetarily, I cannot yet afford to. This space, is in my kitchen. I have very mixed feelings about this. On the other hand, I am very grateful to have a space to make things in. I can’t complain too much. But this is a mixed bag.

I had very similar feelings when we first arrived in Brooklyn and lived on Nelson street. And, I thought that apartment was so small. This new apartment is tiny, comparatively. I remember feeling angry that I did not have a ‘studio’, but rather, an area to create in. I remember feeling resentful that I could no longer, feasibly make large pieces of art. But then, I remember too, breaking large imagery into smaller pieces and creating large work in a different manner. So, I have hope. I hope my elastic-side-view-make-it-work-self steps in and makes good soon.

I want to feel comfortable in my making area.


David and I have been going out and doing new things recently. This week our good friend left town and offered us his apartment. So yesterday, we went into the city, had a great walk in the park, fantastic pizza, bought a bottle of wine and a pint of…ice cream, and enjoyed that while watching TV. We do not have TV, we rent shows, we watch series, but do not have paid TV. 

TV is interesting, I like to watch it when I am away from home. But I always feel relieved that I don’t pay for it or have access too it on a regular basis. We watched baseball and food channel. I love Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and there was a marathon showing! But watching TV means watching mainstream ideals in action, as we were flipping through the channels, I heard sexist remarks, racism, was immersed in consumer and mainstream culture. I much rather live without that. TV is fun in short bursts, but for me, not much else. Renting movies and shows works much better, if you ask me.


We are working together to settle into life in a new apartment. It has not been easy. My normally positive attitude has taken a few hits these last few weeks, and David has been hit hard too. We are still piled high in boxes and I suppose this will continue for a while longer. We will need to indulge in ice cream and long walks more often. And we will need gentle reminders that we are not mad at or constrained by one another so much as, ill at ease in our new surroundings. 


Who won, you ask? 

Patty S!!

Patty, please respond to your email and I will make sure to get your mailing address to Lynn and Lisa, who are organizing the give away.

7 thoughts on “General rambling, + winner announcement.

  1. Lucky her!
    I know it will take some time for you to settle in to your new place. It is frustrating and hard not to take it out on each other when you’re I’ll at ease.
    Your work is so beautiful and detailed. I’m sure once you get comfortable you will find a new point of view and inspiration for new work.
    Continue to be kind to yourselves.


  2. I am TOTALLY with you about TV. Every time I have access to it and turn it on, it takes a shorter and shorter time to just turn it off. For all the same reasons.


  3. Congratulations, Patty!!!! Have fun creating art with your new stencils.
    We do not have pay TV, either. I have a few favorite shows, but mostly we rent movies and shows that are recommended to us. I have gotten so used to being commercial free that when I go to watch a broadcast show, I reach for the remote to capture a phrase I missed or the speed through the commercials. LOL! I no longer read our local newspaper either. Here in the land of hate everyone, more guns, there is too much negativity. I don’t need to start my morning (or any time of day) that way.
    Your studio is nice. I love the shelving behind your workbench and the sidewall is one I could look at for hours. I still love that portrait of you! Did you move because of noise or convenience? I know that you will adapt, you always have! The drive to create art will overwhelm any obstacles thrown your way. If all else fails, create art in the park. 🙂
    Sending you, David, and Peach much love. Life will eventually even out and this will just be a blip.


  4. “And we will need gentle reminders that we are not mad at or constrained by one another so much as, ill at ease in our new surroundings.” There is the secret to having a great partnership and fostering love. You are so often wise, Melly.


  5. That ice cream looks so tasty! I wish you all the best in working thru your tiny apartment challenge. I am lucky in the way of space but not so much with location. I bought this fixer upper four bedroom house (yes, I am single and have four bedrooms!) because it had a large family room that would hold my big 8′ x 8′ table and a four bedroom house is better for resale. I was not going to move to a place that didn’t have the studio space I wanted. I use one of the bedrooms for my fabric storage. I moved to a town I don’t like 11 years ago. I just got the studio painted and installed new lighting. It only took 11 years!

    I realize the cost of space in northeast Ohio is a lot less expensive than Brooklyn and I am so lucky to have the amount of space I do. My heart goes out to you in your struggle to make your space work. Being a creative person I am sure you will find a way and I will be reading your posts daily to see how you find creative solutions for your space. I know you will do such a good job you may have to write a book about this! Keep your chin up!


    1. Sending positive, creative thoughts your way as you adapt to your new surroundings. I hate moving, but know that it is sometimes needed. My fantasy for you would be that you find a great studio space for a song where you could spread your wings (and supplies!) and make great art! Meanwhile, I know you will get through this… you are strong, and you have a wonderful man and cat in your life to share good things with.


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