Printing, printing, printing.


I have been printing away over here. Some pieces are batching, some washed, some on paper, some cloth. Today will be a continued day of printing. I find I like working small. These cloth pieces are about 8×12, or just a bit bigger. Previously I worked on fat quarters, 18×22″ or so. I find what works best for me now, is to rip those fat quarters into fat eight(?) or is it now, fat sixteenth? I will mix an interesting set of colors and then print as many sets of multicolor stamps, stencils or  jobbies as I possibly can. At the end of the day, I have entire groupings of cloth. It is almost as if I went to the quilting store and bought a full line of prints. Except I made these! This is very exciting.


I really should do a pictorial inventory of all the projects I am working on right now, it would help me see the forrest through the trees. 

I find that even though I no longer have breasts, I miss the trappings of womanhood, seeing the outline of a bra under my shirts, taking it off at the end of the night. For women who had bilateral mastectomy, there are a few bra options out there or maybe just one. There are ‘bralettes’, though I think these are generally geared to teenagers (cheaply made in bright colors), camisoles, half camisoles, but really not much in the way of ‘under clothing’, and hardly anything that doesn’t push prothesis down your throat, as if you want to wear them. So I have been playing with the idea of making my own under things. The piece at the top is a trial sample, and I have to say, it works well. It looks good.

Seeing as I made my own pattern (and it worked), I figured I would go ahead and start using Natalie Chanin‘s techniques from Alabama Studio Sewing + Design book. I look forward to seeing how this piece turns out. The ‘bra’ at right, the one being stitched is smaller (less coverage) than the finished one it rests on. Perhaps I can perfect the pattern and make a set, so I can wear them whenever I want to! Perhaps I should make a printed and patterned bra (now we are talking).

I do need to shop the notions stores in the city and find suitable connectors and fasteners. Oh, darn!

7 thoughts on “Printing, printing, printing.

  1. WOW WOW WOW! I love the fabrics you printed Melly! They are just gorgeous. You inspire me!!!

    Your bras are fabulous too! The embroidered bra is so very beautiful. I can’t imagine missing the feeling of a bra strangling my mid-section but you never know until it is truly gone. I think I would be embracing lacy camisoles. Some silky against my skin, but that’s just me I guess.

    How goes the pattern design class?


  2. Hey Melly! good job on the bra making! I’ve done some of that as well! I still have my little boobies, but I actually hate real bras with hooks and wires; I always choose the cami style bralettes too! Recently I’ve just been buying spandex camis and cutting them in half and cover stitching the hem, and using the rest to make another! Good for you! Miss you! Thanks for the post!


  3. Love everything. Your colors on the dyes pieces are simply gorgeous. I react strongly to color!! The undergarment is a fabulous idea.
    Of course my brain goes immediately to design, get a company to make them and hit the market. Although I have not gone through your journey I know women who have and would love some choice about bras.


  4. Melly, the fabrics are gorgeous – really rich looking.

    Lacy camisoles crossed my mind as a feminine enhancement for your underthings, too. I can’t imagine though, that you could buy anything prettier than you can make for yourself. Both pieces pictured are lovely.


  5. Love the twining vine and feathery leaves that accent the florals. You are creating some beautiful cloth. I recently saw a great idea for keeping projects organized. The woman had a hanging rod in her studio and then hung projects with old wooden pants hangers on the rod. She could see what she had in progress and select what to work on as the mood saw fit. Your undergarments are beautiful. I especially like the Chanin inspired one, shades of the sew plies bags. xo


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