Still Here, after all these years.


I have been quiet for a long time. I am well. I am feeling better and better and have been sinking deeply into my creative process.

To be honest, recovering from cancer treatment and getting used to being a flat chested woman is not easy. There are the physical concerns, feeling as if I have a tight rubber band around my chest, feeling physically constrained from the cording or Axillary Webbing. And there is getting used to not having breasts in my relationship with my husband. All of this takes time and patience. I am not one to easily step back and allow time to work its wonders, I am a go-get-em sort of gal, so I am working on my own sense of timing while pouring myself into my work and feeding other aspects of my person.

This blog and The Clever Guild site have gone fallow during this period. While I apologize for this, it seems it is plainly needed and beneficial. Since I started this blog almost 10 years ago, I have never allowed myself the luxury of letting go and not checking in. While I hope to start investing in the blog and my virtual narrative soon, I would like to ask for your understanding while I gather my pieces, parts and selves back into a healthy whole again.

Luckily, I have found a Chinese medicine practitioner who will be helping me with my scars and range of motion issues.I had my first appointment yesterday and I have high hopes of feeling some relief in my body while working with his protocol. He would like me to do stretches, scar massage, and Chi Gong in addition to weekly visits for a few more weeks. It feels good to step away from western medicine doctors and take some more control back.

Miss Peach continues to fortify our hearts and illicit big love within our family and home. Today she will be having some blood work done in preparation for her next heat cycle and hopeful respay.


 This is a strike-off of a multicolor set using paint on paper. I rather like the design, it taught me a bit more on setting up repeats and creating an all over feel for the eventual image. I have been delving into mediums that help create the correct texture for printing with a brayer. Initially I thought it would be tough to figure out, but I think I almost have that down too. I am just trying to figure out the proper ratios so that the paint dries as quickly as possible.


See? I have been quite busy over here! I don’t know how many stamps, stencils and images I have made in the last two months, I could count them, but no.


I much prefer to continue carving, cutting and figuring out the repeats as I go.


13 thoughts on “Still Here, after all these years.

  1. Thank you for sharing what you do.

    Thank you for being big and strong and brave and also small and frightened and for telling us about it.

    Thank you for sharing your work.

    Go forth and be and do what pleases you and come back to us when you the goddess wills it.

    We’ll still be here, moving along our paths and will be glad to hear from you when you want to join us for a few steps.


  2. Never apologize for living your life on your own terms or at a pace that feels right to you. Live it the way that makes you feel good, makes you happy and fills your soul with contenment. Thanks for sharing your journey with us Melly – stay true to yourself and be well.


  3. Thank you for checking in. I was worried. Then I was afraid I had done/said something. I am so relieved and glad that you are taking time out for you. The blocks and prints – oh my! Learning and totally delving into the what ifs are what makes creating such a huge magnet for me.
    I practice Chi Gong for a couple of years. My teacher was a wonderful woman who was a former nurse. She found Western medicine so limiting in treating the person within she became a Reiki master. I loved her and it was painful when she moved away. Chi Gong looks easy, but trust me, your muscles will know that they have been used. If you have the opportunity to practice with a group, try it! There is an energy that eminates from a group practice that is hard to describe, but wow! amazing.
    Miss Peachy Goodness looks like she has settled in well. I love that she is sitting on your strike offs. She does look a little concerned. Her heart shaped face is so precious.
    Be well. Thank you for having the courage to tell your story, not just the triumphs, but the pain, frustration, and searching for relief. Everyone struggles at some point in their life. You are paving the way for us to be honest with ourselves and others. To listen to our minds and bodies, and embrace what is truly good for oneself. Sending you, D, and Peaches huge hugs and wishes for peace and joy. xoxo


  4. Hi Melli:
    No one knows your groove except you. Stay in it and you will continue healing and ablossoming. I so deeply admire your courageous sharing of your journey; right now, recovery may be your greatest art. Maybe being ourselves is our own best project ever. I’ve had terrific experience with Eastern and other complimentary medicines/practices. Zero Balancing, Core Energetics and/or EFT/Hypnotherapy have been some of the modalities that have helped me on a profound level. There are energies and energy fields at our disposal and Chi Gong is one of them. Love, light and energy to you and every cell of your being!


  5. Melly,

    I’d like to put big ditto marks under what has already been said! I’ve been worried about your lack of presence online and I am so glad to hear that you are well and working through all you need to do. There is nothing wrong with stepping back and taking time to do exactly what you need. Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

    The photos of your art work inspire me and look amazing. Keep it up! I’ll be here when you decide to come back and so will the rest of your friends. Take care and enjoy! (((hugs)))

    Lisa ❤


  6. Heya Mellie Gurl,
    Not much more to say to add to the others who’ve already said how awesome it is that you are taking the time for yourself & gaining strength and wisdom in the process. We are lucky to be able to read your stories, triumphs and also the downsides. So, thank you so much for sharing when you can, and inspiring always.



  7. Hi Melly,
    Good for you for taking what you need for yourself. You are a big “giver” Mel and I imagine that what you have gone through has taken very bit strength you could muster.
    I and “we” will be here to greet you whenever you feel like sharing.
    Take good care,


  8. Thanks for letting us know what’s going on in your life with honesty. I can’t imagine the path you have traveled but I think it helps others to know what some of the challenges are and to see what a great a ttitude you have o work through them.
    The little glimpses of your artwork are very intriguing. Your stamps and repeats are always exquisite!


  9. Being gentle with yourself is important. It is also difficult for many of us who feel the urge to move swiftly when our spirit and body tells us to measure our progress in inches instead of miles. I am beginning to explore the alternative healing practices for myself now for some chronic pain issues that my conventional doctors want to approach too invasively for my taste. Nurse that I am, I know their value for many things in the acute and short-term situation, but often they are sorely lacking in understanding the long-term bigger picture of caring for and healing our bodies more gently for the long haul that we aspire to. Thanks for the update and letting us all breathe a bit easier. You are quite important hereabouts.


  10. I was worried about you….silly me. You are a warrior! I know exactly what you are going through.
    There is no need to apologize. Do what makes you happy, grateful and healed.


  11. Gosh, so much wisdom from your friends, there’s nothing original left for me to say … except I am personally glad to have you back on-line, however intermittently. You’ve always been an artistic inspiration to me, and now you are a holistic inspiration too. So glad you have found some Eastern medicine that works for you too. Best wishes … I know you will continue to do great things.


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