Procion MX dye on cotton broadcloth

I have become lackadaisical in my use of Procion MX dyes, so I asked a fabulous teacher, who has had a profound effect on my own work with MX dyes to help me troubleshoot and identify my issues. If you know me, you might know who I am talking about, but because I have not asked permission I will leave her name out of this post. The piece you see above has been printed and batched, not washed. I look forward to seeing what my washout results show me. 

In the meantime, I can tell you that batching seems to be a large part of my problem and although I have identified a problem area, I still have lots of questions about how to work in my style while following the tenets needed for colorful success with MX dyes.

The above cotton broadcloth was printed using a mix and match of stamping techniques and the stamps are created in a loose repeat. My training as a textile designer has been making itself useful in this respect. Putting a design into repeat in a home studio is not easy, so I am using the term loosely.

One of the effects of working in this manner is the ability to maintain areas of white, which seem to glisten and sparkle. Saving areas of white is so important and often goes missing in our frenzy to dye, print and play. 

Scored Rose pattern

 I like this print a bunch. I see additional layering possibilities but have not figured out what I would like to see, so it remains a lone rosey stamp.  

6 thoughts on “Relearn

  1. I like what you are doing with your little daisies. I am anxious to see how it turns out. I really love the texture in the rose stamp! The lines just add a wonderful feel to it. It will be fun to see it printed out as well!


  2. I love watching the process of creating. The daisy fabric is so fun. I absolutely love the black print and see you doing incredible things with layers and thread. Eons ago, a fabric designer was teaching me about using color and she pointed out that the glimpse of white and lines of black are what elevate designs. Now when I look at fabric that I really like, I look to see if they have those two elements. How is Miss Peachy Pie? xoxo


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