MTestaDittyThe title of this post refers to the movie The Fifth Element, with Mila Jovovich. Mila’s character wants to travel and needs a multipass to do so (a multipass is a sort of passport). She goes to the airport and looks at the gate keeper and repeats the word, ‘Multipass’ in an accent that has stuck with me since watching the movie. As I delve deeper into multicolor printing, I keep repeating the word, ‘multipass’. I know it is a thin connection, but, I loved that movie and the elastic band outfit that Mila got to wear. 

I am carving this ditty of daisies within ovals and this is the last time you will see this plate looking quite this way. My task for the morning is to remove the background of the stamp, making it more of a simple line drawing. My hope is to print it as a background of the blue cloth pictured underneath the stamp, above. I don’t know if I will print it in Procion MX as the cloth is printed now, or if I will embrace another layer/texture in paint. I do like combining the luminosity of dye with printing in opaque paint. I think it elevates the cloth to a more commercial look. 



For my own records, I printed the stamp the way it appears right now. Perhaps I will have this made into a thermofax. 


7 thoughts on “Multipass

  1. You printed the blue flower fabric as well? It is gorgeous. I love your sweet little flowers. They are so lovely!

    I can hear Millva’s character saying “multi pass” in my head. Funny how some things just stick with you. The other thing that sticks out in my head is Chris Tucker’s character – the DJ. So outlandish! That voice! Crazy!


  2. I love the tulip drawing! Is that is what is printed on the blue cloth? Loverly. The little ovals remind me of my Gram’s pillows (warm fuzzy moment). She would replace the ticking on her pillows frequently. The cloth had little ovals with flowers inside and then stripes between the ovals. I’d love to have a piece of that fabric now! Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs to D and Miss Peach!!!


  3. Wow … one of my very favorite movie’s !!!
    I laugh hysterically at the robber at Bruce’s door who says ‘gimme da cash’ with that weird ‘hat’ (steel plate) on his head … and the little nervous dance he does !
    Mila was gorgeous throughout and I remember thinking how I wish I had had her body and could therefore wear bandages for clothing as well … and I still have a crush on Bruce Willis, with that little sideways grin of his.
    Multipass resonates in my brain frequently … there was so much in that movie !
    Anyway, lovely print job !!! Will this be a tutorial for a new journal ?


  4. well, I’ll just have to see this movie. sounds fascinating. lovely stamp and look forward to seeing the transformation. fabric is stunning and love your flower drawing. multipass is such a great word and truly see the connection with your printing. you inspire me with your process. thanks for sharing. think of you and miss peach often.


  5. Aw, shucks! I was hoping that you carved two stamps. I really liked the solid background. It makes the flowers look like little treasures in the spotlight.


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