On my desk


I am happy to say, I am on a creative roll, an amazing stint, where all I have been thinking about and doing in the last few years is coming together in new and exciting ways. It seems I am no longer concerned about what media I use to express my vision, cloth, paper, it does not seem to matter and better still what I am working on translates to both substrates. I am off and running on the concept of multicolor printing. And it seems that with each success, another avenue of exploration opens itself up to me. 


This is a strike-off, a ‘trial and error print’ that failed to make the grade, that is why you see the red x’s in the lower right (Red x’s mean NO!). I like it a lot, but this printing taught me the order the different layers need to be applied in. As you know, if you have been following me, my blog and creative process, I like clean lines, fresh ideas and a pristine presentation. This print appears gritty and slightly blurry to me. I like the grit and can work from that, but I don’t like the blur. So figuring out the order to the printing process was invaluable. 

Now I want to try printing it with thickened dye on cloth. And just to let you know, I am working through my Procion MX whoas, so I will be printing in a new and improved manner soon.


 And here is my studio kitteh. She is a merp button, a cutey-pie, a love dove. She has a sassy personality and will fake a little nip when she does not want to be pet. Other times, when she is ready, she lays on the butter! And I love butter.

Oh, it is lunch time and I am hungry!

4 thoughts on “On my desk

  1. I am so excited for you and the direction you are headed in. I love that you keep the strike offs and just denote them as a no.

    And little Peachy Kitteh is such a doll, can’t wait to give her smooches. (I suspect despite seeing you this May, I’m going to need to make a trip out to someone couch in Brooklyn this year yet….)


  2. I love those cute little kitty toes – smoochable! She looks so content – happy – safe. I am so happy that everything is coming together for you. That all the hard work, exploration, and trials are bearing fruit. Exciting times, Ms. Melly! Exciting times. xoxo


  3. I’m so excited for you Melly! It is so wonderful when you can be “in the zone.” I have been inspired by all the work you have been doing lately. Just wonderful! Peach is just so adorable. She’s a great addition to the home and studio.


  4. It is amazing the detail you can get with simple tools! You definitely are a perfectionist. I look forward to your ‘acceptable’ prints and to what you’ll do with the on fabric.
    Peaches looks so sweet there!


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