Continued Story.


 It seems Peach has done another awesome thing. She found David and I, specifically. 

Last week I had several conversations with the veterinarian who ‘spayed’ Peach. It turns out, the spay was incomplete and uterine tissue was left inside her body. This tissue is producing estrogen. Peach needs to go into heat again, so that a specialist might be able to find the tissue and remove it. There is no guarantee that Peach will make enough estrogen in order to go into heat, but as this is the best case scenario, we hope that she does. If she does not, we need to regularly screen Peach for mammary carcinoma, in other words, breast cancer. Sigh.

I know that there are no guarantees in life, we have, just this moment, to live as fully as we are able. I love this little being and honestly hope she goes into heat again, that the surgeon can find the tissue, that we are able to lower or obliterate her odds of getting breast cancer. I am happy that she found us, that I can advocate for her. I am happy to love her. I wish that breast cancer could take a lesser seat of prominence in my life, but I accept what life has given me and us.

The veterinary office that helped Peach through her Trap and Rescue ordeal is shrugging off monetary responsibility for this portion of Peach’s care, though the vet who did the work, has said that she will pay for Peach’s re-spay out of her own pocket. I am glad that the doctor has taken an ethical stand, I am considering how to let the veterinary office know of my dissatisfaction. Speaking out is a new path for me and is directly related to my cancer experience. I have less tolerance for bad behavior now, and I want the world to be a better place, so speaking out is called for. There are many gifts related to the cancer experience and I bet part of the reason Peach found her way into our hearts, apartment and life.


As I make more and more multicolor stamps, I am finding new and interesting ways to build images. Previously, I would draw the image, cut it out of a single piece of fun foam, mount and print the image. Now I am doing more of a call and response, I might cut a simple drawing in two colors, then cut additional layers to darken or shade an area of the image. Next I will work on incorporating textures into the background.


 Creative flow is interesting. I work away at an idea as if a hound on a mission. Then I run up against a learning curve, as I did while working on The 20. This is when I switch gears, trying to access the intuitive thoughts that might solve the original creative conundrum. This post has two cogs in that wheel.

As I try to workout the Procion MX dye wash out troubles, I began making multicolor stamp portraits (the image of David in the middle of this post, and also this self portrait). Now, needing a break from the portraits, I have decided to carve a set of alphabet stamps. It is at times like this when I need to complete a project or two so that I can get back to what is really bothering me! This week will be geared toward finishing up my side projects and solving my Procion MX whoas.


10 thoughts on “Continued Story.

  1. Wow, poor Peach! How can a vet leave uterine tissue behind? Glad that you know this so Peach can get the care that is needed. I hope she does go back into heat for you. She is a lucky cat to have you two.

    Now I love your multicolor stamp portraits you have been creating. They are beautiful.

    I hope you work out in your mind and soul your issues while you carve your alphabet.

    I admire you very much.


  2. Poor Peach — I hope she goes into heat so that her risks can be minimized.

    I also have to say that I think it’s imperative to advocate, take a stand, and call out inequities, bad practice, etc. I’m not saying “being a squeaky wheel” (because that has the connotation of complaining about anything and everything), but voices of reason and respect need to be heard. Go say your piece and then, if necessary, find another vet practice that’s more in line with your expectations. Go Melly!


  3. I love those alpha stamps you’re carving. Good luck with Peach — you’re absolutely right that yours is the perfect home for her, and she knew it. Hoping like heck she goes into heat so the problem can be solved. Keep on with all the wonderful things you’re doing.


  4. Good grief, sorry for your and peach’s ordeal, she is so lucky to have you, some pet owners would not bother with what your doing….it does not matter if your man or beast you have to stand up to the wrongs no matter what!

    My husband has had 2 cancers(survived both) I learned to take care of what i knew was right and speak up and stand up for my loved one!

    I would do the same for the furry,s in my life!



  5. I am still shocked and dismayed about the poor treatment Peach received. David’s and your love and kindness will help her I know. You’ve captured D perfectly. Very impressive.


  6. Poor Miss Peach! I truly believe that our companions are placed in our lives as teaching aides. That said, I have no idea what Bobcat is here to teach me! Keep my hair short so it doesn’t mat? That bullies can be cute and cuddly? LOL! Peach is so fortunate to have aware and caring humans. The stamps! The portraits! I love the alphabet that you are carving and David’s portrait is wonderful. Now I am going to take a cue from yawning Miss Peach and get some fresh air (or take a cat nap). xo


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