This is probably one of my first hand carved stamps. It is at least 15 years old, if not older. This pocket is being made for Marlene. A Pool Party mate. We exchanged emails this week. She is having rocky times right now. So I whipped up a pocket for her and this stamp just seemed the right imagery to use.

See that scrumptious Laura Wasilowski thread? May I say, “Yum”? I will buy this thread again. I would like to see her colors in person. This is a rainbow skein, it is bright, which is not my normal ‘go to’, but it really suites this pocket.  It sews beautifully. 

I look forward to hugging Marlene, next time I see her. 

5 thoughts on “Marlene

  1. Please give Marlene a hug from me, too. On tough days, we could all use hugs from strangers.
    I love the stamp and the pocket is wonderful. Love Laura’s threads. xoxo


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