Cleverly Lisa

 I don’t really advertise this fact but I give private lessons in my home studio, when asked and if I am able. So when Lisa Chin emailed me last month, asking if I would be teaching any classes during this week, I suggested she might take a private lesson. Lisa was in the city for a personal celebration and wanted an ‘art class’ to have a little fun. Do you think I could have taken more pictures? Yes! 

We worked with thickened dye on mostly cotton, we did some monoprinting, stamping, ruling pen, freezer paper, we used stencils, we gabbed, laughed and nibbled some nosh. I love how our worlds are made bigger and smaller by the internet, I read Lisa’s blog, I keep up with her through Facebook, she has made breast pockets for me!

And better still?

She encouraged her twin daughters’ volleyball team to make breast pockets for my project. These are the first paper pockets that I have received, and they brought tears to my eyes. The red one on top is my favorite (is it OK to have favorites?) It reads, 

The beating


inside the chest

is what counts 

more than the


When I lifted the three pockets that Lisa made off the top of the pile of paper pockets, to read this sentiment, my heart strings sang. The young woman who wrote it is 15 years old (and unknown to Lisa, one of her daughters made it). Big happy sigh. Wednesday was a great day.

Cloth Paper Scissors is putting out an eBook of projects related to up-cycling, that includes a project that I wrote for them a few years back, Recyclababes.

Download your copy today!

Leslie Riley interviewed me for her Art and Soul Blog Talk Radio program. I would love for your to listen to it!

Listen to internet radio with Art And Soul Radio on Blog Talk Radio

7 thoughts on “Cleverly Lisa

  1. And tears welled up. The love expressed in that sentiment is so astute and a beautiful recognition that our womanhood is not in our breasts.



  2. You are a wonderful woman Melly! I enjoy finally meeting in person and connecting with you. Thank you again for a wonderful time and for sharing your life and art with me.


  3. Hey this is fun! Lisa and I “know” each other online, but I’ve never seen what she looks like – so this is a nice peek. Lucky LIsa to be able to study with you privately!

    Love the breast pockets. Did you get mine yet?


  4. I love that poem! If these are ever exhibited as total art piece (I really think you should!!), that should be the intro poster. I’m working on my last couple. They are taking on a life of their own, with tons of ideas flooding my head.


  5. Hi Melanie,

    Lisa is my good friend and she is every bit as wonderful as you have related here. And she is a wonderful mother, her girls are so well grounded. Lisa jumps in head first when she feels connected to a cause that a friend is involved with. She really loves your Breast Pockets and has been encouraging everyone to participate! So I will get going on one.


  6. Wow! Hankie warning needed on this post! What a beautiful poem and beautiful hearts that beat within that team. I too follow Lisa and it is so much fun that you got to have a play date together! I really loved listening to the podcast and to hear your giggle. 🙂 Have a beautiful day. xoxo


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