7 thoughts on “For Jennie

  1. Hi Melanie, I finished eight pockets in this wee hours this morning in memory of my Tante Piketje – my favouritest aunt ever whom I adored.

    I know you posted somewhere how to get them to you but I can’t find the post on Facebook. Could you let me know where they should go? (I’ll do a blog post about them tomorrow).

    Your yellow pocket is beautiful…


  2. Hello Ms. Testa. Firstly, Thank you for your work and all you do to encourage other artist. I discovered you through you book , Dreaming from the Journal Page. I love your message and the way you explain the techniques, too. I am retooling myself as a artist at this time. I am tired of ignoring what is natural to me – crafting, drawing and sewing. I will try to follow your blog and check in for inspiration. I wish you all the best on your current project – Breast Pockets. Although my cancer was ano breast cancer, all cancer survivors know the pain and fear but also the redemption and rediscovery of how strong we are and that through our art our creativity we can be whole again as well as give of our selves for the best possible outcomes for all. Again, thank you for your sharing your gift of surviving and thriving. Cheers.


      1. Angela, You are welcome. And thank you.
        I am retooling as an artist and person as well. I like those words. Everything you say above resonates, thank you for posting.


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