That’s that.

Socks, toes, skirt? That is all I have to say about that.

I have been wanting a RED sew-plies  purse and this is it. There is a bit of kimono fabric under and Inspired to Quilt style poppy on organza. I found the dragon while walking here in Carroll Gardens, last November and it has been a magnet on the fridge ever since. Now the dragons outline will be embroidered here.  I may use some hand dyed red velvet for the straps and flap, I don’t know but this bag will be very rich indeed.

2 thoughts on “That’s that.

  1. I walk around like the top picture frequently. LOL! This time of year it is hard to tell if it is a barefoot or sock day and don’t get me started on jeans or shorts! Love the red Sew-plies! Elegant with a velvet strap. Your box of threads just invites one to play! Have fun!


  2. Actually I really like the sock you are wearing. Fun stuff!

    Your supplies are so beautifully organized. What a luscious collection of threads! I’m looking forward to seeing the red sew-plies bag.


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