It is magical.

This weekend we went to our friend Clark’s house for a picnic. Clark lives in a home that has been in his family for 110 years. The house was 60 to 70 years old when they bought it. It is an amazing house. There is a creamery, they used to sell milk. A barn, several acres of land, farming machines-rusted and dilapidated, two swings, trees and lots of shade. It was a fabulous weekend. We relaxed, we ate, we chatted. I sewed.

This sew-plies purse is coming to a stage of completion, but because it explores ideas of graffiti, it may just be waiting for the next step, I am not certain.

This purse is a big(ger) one. I should have perhaps measured it before I went ahead and sewed it shut. I don’t mind though. I even kind of like it, the one change I think I will make is shifting the snap placement. Do you see when it is closed that the right side of the purse has more cloth than the left?  Part of me likes this, part doesn’t. The part that likes it says, it is almost like the proud city boys who wear their baseball caps off to the side. The part that doesn’t like it? I do get off on symmetry sometimes! 

I have figured out a great way to make the scissor pocket. This week I am going to update and expand the Gather your Sew-plies pattern, I have begun working on it already.

This cane stand sits just inside the front door of Clark’s house. How tidy. What an amazing collection.

Clark has clothing from his great grandmother in his home. I snuck around and peeked into the closets and drawers. I found lace, beaded lace, a sewing kit (!!!), a velvet cape!

Look at that peplum. That had to be part of a bustle, I wish he had the skirt that went with this jacket. The cloth was probably cotton flannel, though it may have been a very light weight wool. I was sneaking around, so I didn’t linger to find out! Clark didn’t mind. But I was still sneaking!

Look at those beautiful buttonholes.

4 thoughts on “It is magical.

  1. Lovely! Don’t you wonder about the women who created these garments? Did they do it for the art and craft of it, or for utility? Or both.

    This picnic seems like the perfect end to summer.


  2. Ths picture of you on the swing brought tears to my eyes. You look so relaxed and happy. (I planted a ginko 10 years ago so I could have a swing. Dang they take forever to grow!!!) The house sounds like the farmhouse I called home when I was little. Treasures abounded! When my Great Aunt sold the place, I cleaned out the chicken coop – ick!!! I found my Great Gram’s quilting frame in the rafters and her childhood autograph book hidden in a joist. (I have always wanted to ask her why?) The jacket is gorgeous. I see the wheels turning! 🙂 I love old clothing to see the work-womanship. The canes! Swoon!!! What a glorious weekend. I hope your week is equally as good. xoxo


  3. I am hoping you’ll share the pattern for the bigger Sewplies purse, or tips on how to enlarge the pattern you’ve already generously furnished. I’m also interested in the straps to make it a backpack. Hey, I’d buy this pattern!!!


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